Online Shopping That Won't Break the Bank

As a college girl, it is essential to have a wardrobe stacked full of skirts and crop tops for fun nights out, but let’s face it, most can’t afford to buy 20 Free People skirts. So I’ve created a list of go-to online shopping sites that everyone can afford.



Shein is always my first stop when searching for the perfect going out outfit. With skirts that sell for $10 you can never go wrong. Not to mention they have the largest variety of skirt styles I’ve ever seen.



Similar to Shein, Tobi has a large selection of skirts, bodysuits, and crop tops. However, Tobi does have a bit of a larger price point with most skirts and crop tops selling for around $40. However, they do have great sales!



Most people know Zaful for their inexpensive bathing suits, but what many don’t realize is that Zaful also has a lot of other clothes. From bodysuits to two piece sets, Zaful’s clothes are all around $20.



Boohoo is a site unknown to most but it is definitely worth checking out, as most skirts and tops are sold for around $15.


LulusForever 21, and H&M  are websites that are more well known and sometimes can be a bit pricier, but are definitely great to check out for trendy styles!