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November Fashion: Our Must Haves

Happy November! We survived Halloween and eating an abundant amount of candy, as well as showing off our funky Halloween outfits. Now it’s time to shine and show the world our new, one of a kind November styles. Just because it’s getting cold out doesn’t mean you have to wear leggings and sweatshirts all the time! My favorite saying is “Dress to impress” and as my mom always says, “You’ll never know who you’re going to meet.” Here are a few of my favorite styles that look good on every shape and body!



1.)  DENIM

Denim has come to be one of my personal favorite fabrics. I may be biased since I’ve started a repurposed denim jacket company, WYNTER, but it’s safe to say that denim jackets are coming back into style fast! A denim jacket can dress down a fancy outfit or even dress up a pair of your favorite leggings. The best thing about finding your go to denim jacket is that it doesn’t need to break your bank account! Many thrift stores have a lot of high-end affordable jackets just waiting for you to find.



2.)  PLAID

Plaid is the typical schoolgirl look, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a plaid skirt. One of the new popular trends is a plaid, bottom and top set (refer to picture). This style is risky, but when done well, you’ll be a crowd stopper. This would be a great look for a business meeting, presentation or business social event when paired with a blazer. Plaid also is great for a jacket or just pants!





Of course black is ALWAYS in style. This fall find yourself a perfect all black everything outfit. Don’t go splurging all your spending money on this one outfit though. It’s very easy to pair old items with new pieces of clothing. When in doubt, wear black! Black is the most flattering, slimming color. It’s also very classy and makes any outfit look put together.





This trend was very popular last year, but it’s not slowing down! If you haven’t found yourself a pair of over the knee boots I would recommend getting a pair! Once again, you don’t need to go buy the most expensive pair. Many stores such as target, TJ MAXX, and Marshalls sell over the knee boots. They are so easy to pair with your favorite mini skirt, sweater dress or skinny jeans! They also allow you to roll over some of your fall clothes to winter (not that we all have different clothes for every season). The point of finding your favorite, “go to” clothes is that they should be able to be worn in every season if paired correctly with accessories!




Lastly, but not least, find yourself a fun, unique oversized coat. When I found my so-called “parka”, I thought I made the best purchase of my life, and I was right! An oversized coat is the best way to stay warm (obviously) and look stylish. You can pair it with almost anything because what’s underneath doesn’t need to be seen! Throw on your favorite t-shirt, pants and sneakers and I’m sure you won’t look like you just ran out to Harris Teeter at the last minute for a late night snack session. :)

Elon University Class of 2019 Tuftonboro, New Hampshire Entrepreneurship & Management Major
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