A little taste of NYC life in NJ

A lot of people have their mixed opinions about New Jersey. Some think that every town is like Seaside Heights, the town where they film “Jersey Shore”, or that everyone acts like the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. However there is a lot more then just these Stereotypes.  

According to New Jersey Monthly, “if New Jersey towns were high school kids, Montclair would be the overachieving valedictorian with the cool haircut, fashionable shoes, and well-rounded circle of friends.”

Montclair is full of abundant culture, culinary delights, and rampant shopping—a can’t miss location for any ‘out of towners’.

Don’t be fooled by the hustle and bustle of Bloomfield Avenue, tucked away around the corner is a little slice of New York on Church Street.

As soon as you step foot onto the cobblestone sidewalk, you experience the aroma of the various restaurants and see the many bright signs of local boutiques.

One of the restaurants on Church Street is Raymond’s—a stylish diner which serves homestyle American fare and a popular brunch in retro surrounds.

The place is designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with recreations of some New York City landmarks. The designer, Jonathan Ricci, used subway tiles on the wall and floor. “It seems to speak to an easier, more elegant time,” he explained. You might not see the importance in the undetailed subway tiles, but it works with the theme of the busyness and rushing through the restaurant compared to an actual subway platform.

As a local Montclair resident, Raymond’s is always a popular spot. Every time I open the glass door and step into the packed restaurant (there is almost always a 30-minute wait) I experience more than just delicious comfort food. I am transported back into the 1950s where Americans spend their Friday nights at the local malt shoppe.

Raymond's is always a nice upscale breakfast where you can enjoy outdoor seating and a variety of foods with your family or friends. I encourage everyone to try the amazing food (especially the breakfast burrito bowl, absolutely DELISH) . I hope that you find yourself intrigued by the NYC aesthetic but also, the illusion of the past when you eat at Raymond's.