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Life As The Loud Friend

There are two types of friends out there – the quiet ones, and the loud ones. Being the loud friend is exhilarating because you bring a majority of the fun. There is never a dull moment when you’re around because you don’t care about what others think about you. Even when your friends think you need a volume adjustment, you just can’t help but laugh for minutes straight.

Here is what happens when you’re the loud friend:

1. People always tell you to use your indoor voice, but you get confused becuase you always think that you are speaking at a relatively normal volume.

2. Before meeting you, your friends thought you were intimidating because of all the weird outgoing things you did, like reenacting Jonah Hill’s slam poetry from 22 Jump Street in the middle of the school quad.

3. And when you’re on the phone, everyone can hear every bit of information that you are saying, even if it’s supposed to be a secret. You think that what you are saying is appropriate for the public to hear, but it is in fact way too TMI. Also, let’s not forget the excessive hand gestures that you use while speaking, because if anyone comes close to you while you are on the phone, they might get slapped in the face by accident. 

4. Continuing off of the last point, sometimes your friends pretend not to know you when you say something that’s either embarrassing, or you’re too loud in a quiet area like the library or the classroom. They tend to cover their faces or roll their eyes… but don’t worry, they still love you anyway.

5. Even if you are about a mile away from one another other, your friends are able to hear you way before they can see you.

6. Sometimes it may seem like you’re speaking too aggressively, but in reality, the more hyped you get about a topic, the louder you get (if that is even possible.) As a result, people tend to think you’re dramatic due to your voice.

7. It doesn’t matter what other people think, because you know you aren’t going to change for anyone.


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