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halloween costume sailors
halloween costume sailors
Original photo by Lauren Sparling

Last Minute Halloween Costumes DIY!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

If you’re anything like me, then this Fall has completely overwhelmed you and Halloween is somehow now this Sunday? Well fear not, here are a couple fun ideas for you to throw together this weekends with stuff you definitely have in your closet!

Katherine Polgar Makeup Artist
Photo by Katherine Polgar


Grab a black dress or leather pants with a black top! This costume won’t need more than some pale face makeup and some red lipstick! The lipstick can even be used to drawn on some fake blood!

Cave Man/Woman

Find any and all cheetah print you own! If it’s old, you can cut it up to look like you really went living in the wild. Makeup can be as cute or as messy as you want it to be! But for the hair – you have to make it messy! Tease your roots, crimp the ends, or both! Try to make it as natural and wild as possible!

School Girl

All you’d need for a classic school girl costume would be a button down and a plain skirt! If you want to dress it up more, throw on your blue light glasses and borrow a tie if you don’t have one! From here you can put in two braids or pig tails.

Cheetah Girl

A cheetah girl has to be the most comfy and easy costumes. All that is needed really is a track suit and a matching headband! You can spend your entire halloween night in comfy clothes and with your friends in matching gear!

Tennis Player

With tennis skirts being such a huge trend right now, being a tennis player is super quick and easy! Just find that skirt and pair it with any athletic top! Bonus points if you carry a racket with you or throw on a sweater over your shoulders! Besides that all you’d need to do is put your hair in a pony tail or messy bun and you’re a tennis player!


Being a scarecrow is also so simple! Just get a flannel out of your closet, with some jeans, and boots! You could even add a hat! For makeup, use an eyeliner to create scarecrow like features and add some color with various eye shadow shades to look like patches!

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