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How to Survive Cooler Season

‘Tis the season to have a cooler. Yes, it’s that time of the year when banquet dates everywhere slave over a cooler that ends up chipping and breaking by the end of the weekend. 

Fortunately, all of your hard work does not have to go to waste. Both your friends and your date will be so impressed with your hip and awesome cooler that you won’t even mind if it gets demolished by the end of the beach weekend. 
Girls always ask, “Where do I get started?” First off, buy a cooler at your local superstores, such as Walmart or K Mart. Find a cooler that will be easy to paint on and won’t chip easily. Coleman and Igloo coolers seem to be the most popular here at Elon.
Next, buy a primer that will cover the entire cooler (color does not matter because you will be painting over this layer). You then will need to buy paints you want to design your cooler with. Acrylic paints work the best and there are many colors offered with this type of paint.  Don’t forget to spray your cooler with a matte or glossy finish so you can prevent chipping.
The designs are endless when designing the cooler. Cooler Connection offered on Facebook allows people to load pictures of their cooler online, which provide ideas to some of us who may be freaking out. Ask your date what he would like on his cooler – they will answer honestly and provide designs that they actually want. 
Now relax, paint and enjoy the beach weekend! Do not forget to fill the cooler up with your favorite snacks and drinks; everyone will love it!
My name is Tatum Pederson and I am a senior at Elon University majoring in Journalism and minoring in Digital Art. I am currently Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Elon and I am an Entertainment Editor for Elon University’s magazine, The Edge. This summer, I was an Entertainment Intern at Niche Media in New York City. I learned how to transcribe interviews, assist at photo shoots, and conduct research on various entertainment topics. Last year, I was an Art and Editorial Intern at ELLE Decor magazine. At this internship, I worked closely with the Editor-in-Chief, Michael Boodro. I edited a “Behind The Scenes” video for the September 2014 Online Shopping section and was also published in the October 2014 issue. Two summers ago, I was an Entertainment Intern for Pink and Black magazine. I researched and wrote numerous articles involving media and entertainment. I am an extremely organized and creative student with experience in both a fast-paced environment and the magazine industry.
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