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How to Make the Most of Spring Break at Home

Everyone has a perception of the perfect “college spring break” in their mind…but sometimes, for whatever reason, your destination ends up being “home.” At first this may seem like a bummer, especially if you hear about the fabulous, faraway places that your friends or peers are traveling to, but don’t let yourself get down. Going home for spring break can be surprisingly fun and exactly what you’re looking for!

1. Treat Yourself – Go out to get your nails done, get a massage, or just do a DIY face mask at home! Whatever you’re doing, make sure that you treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation so that when you head back to school you’ll feel totally refreshed!

2. Spend Time with Your Family – At first, you may be thinking…I wish I was on vaca with my best friends, and it’s okay to feel like that! But you get to see your friends almost everyday at school, so make the most of the time you have with your family! You’ll be surprised at how much fun you have.

3. Indulge – Bake, go out to lunch, try out that new Tasty recipe you’ve been dying to make…indulge in all of the foods you love! At school, we almost never have time to make long recipes or experiment with new ingredients, but over spring break you have plenty of time and kitchen space!

4. Try Something New – Go to a fun Soul Cycle class, exerpiment with something artistic, or go shopping for a piece of clothing that is totally new for you. You’ll be so distracted with the fun you’re having trying out new things that you won’t even remember you’re just at home!

No matter where you are, spring break can be a blast. Just make the most of what you’re given and you’ll have a relaxing, amazing time. Happy vaca!

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