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How to Be the Best Summer Intern

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

           You’ve gone through countless hours of research, applications and interviews. You’ve bought the perfect office attire. You’ve held your breath every time you get an email, hoping to hear if all your work paid off. “CONGRATULATIONS! We would like to invite you to be a part of our summer internship team!”

            Now what? You have the job, so now you get to focus on how to be the absolute best summer intern ever. To help you along the way, here are some tips:

Excitement, Enthusiasm & Energy 

While your internship may count for academic credit and may be a requirement, don’t act like that is the only reason you’re at the office. Be enthusiastic about your internship! Be excited for the tasks you’re given to do! Have energy every day (or fake it) and be ready for anything. If an intern is clearly interested in spending their summer doing this job, a company is much more likely to hire you post-graduation, or at least give you a great recommendation.

Ask Questions

An internship drops you into an environment where people doing exactly what you want to do after college will surround you. Take advantage of this! Ask questions. Pick peoples’ minds. Get an idea of the industry you’re entering in to, and how you can make your transition into the working world easier.


The best part of an internship is the fact that you gain experience in your intended field. However, if you just sit at your desk, do what you’re told and leave, you are not taking as much from the internship are you could. Be motivated to go after what you want to get from the internship! If you want to gain something specific from your internship, go and get it.


Interns are the worker bees of an office. You may be asked to get coffee from the coffee shop next door. You may be asked to run halfway across town to conduct an interview. Whatever is asked of you, be ready to do it. Have an open mind and be flexible everyday.


Be. On. Time. Be early, even. But whatever you do, do NOT be late!


While all internships have different atmospheres, you should still be professional. That means not texting all day, cursing, being rude, etc. Honestly, use your common sense, and when in doubt, just don’t do anything stupid.