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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

It’s nearing the end of my senior year here at Elon University, and it’s safe to say I’ve done my fair share of exploring the surrounding area. My parents have made the effort to visit me once a semester for the last four years, and we’ve done everything from hiking, shopping, drinking, to eating. It wasn’t until their last visit before the *dreaded* graduation weekend that we uncovered the many marvels of Graham. From sitting across the historic courthouse while enjoying a classic American burger, savoring a post-dinner handcrafted cocktail in a cozy lounge, to sifting through vintage vinyl records as you sip a draft beer, Graham has left me pleasantly surprised.

I first came across the charming town of Graham, NC when I stopped by the raved-about brunch spot, Press Cafe. Since then I’ve stumbled across the many other hidden gems the town has to offer. This past weekend, my parents and I stopped by a few places in Graham that we highly recommend to any other Elon students and families looking for something fun to do.

We started with dinner at a cozy American-styled restaurant called Verdict on the Square located across from the historic Alamance County Courthouse. We were not only charmed by its cute atmosphere and incredible food, but also their witty menu theme. Their whole menu is legal-themed, with their sides cleverly called “cell mates” and other menu options organized by “guilty” and “not so guilty.” We were entertained and more than satisfied with the food and service.


Once we finished up our dinner, we headed over to Fitzgerald and Faulkner, where we got major speakeasy vibes in a tucked away spot above Press. We walked by the entrance twice before realizing it was a brown door next to Press that lead to a secluded upstairs area. With dim lighting, comfy couches and chairs, and incredible hand-made cocktails, we felt so relaxed we never wanted to leave. We were tempted by their enticing charcuterie options but opted out, given how stuffed we were from dinner. My dad went with a classic whiskey on the rocks, while my mom got a Dark and Stormy. Safe to say it was a great spot for post-dinner drinks.

Finally, we stopped in at HiFi Records, a record store dubbed beer bar, to grab one final drink and end the night on a high note. We learned that HiFi has been open just over two months, and their store has gained quite the buzz. The store is a cool concept. You can shop vintage vinyl records, listen to great music, and get on-tap draft beer and wine. My dad could’ve spent hours there and walked out with a new Fleetwood Mac album.

All in all, we uncovered so many fun and inviting places in Graham this past weekend, and we truly won’t forget our time spent there. While it’s a shame we only just discovered these places with 6 weeks left of my time at Elon, I’m so excited to share them with students and families who still have years ahead of them at this wonderful school. Be sure to stop by Graham and explore the wonders of this charming little town!


Check out these places on Instagram! Verdict on the Square, Fitzgerald & Faulkner, and HiFi Records.

Fairfield, Connecticut Elon University, Class of 2019