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Food Blogs to Follow

With the constant craziness of college, it can be hard to remember to eat, let alone eat right. Being always on the go tends to result in looking at healthy meals and snacks on Pinterest in between classes instead of actually eating them. So skip your next dinner date with friends to The Root and try some of these recipes. These food blogs have great ideas for healthy eating, and everything looks mouth watering.

Cupcakes and Cashmere


While this is more of a lifestyle blog, Emily shares her favorite meals, including lots of yummy treats. She even has a whole section dedicated to recipes that she has showcased on her blog.

The Healthy Foodie


This blog has tons of recipes for everything you could imagine. Sonia is constantly coming up with recipes to satisfy both your health and your taste buds. She even has a whole section on what to essentials to keep in your kitchen.


Undressed Skeleton


If you’re always on the go, then this is the food blog for you. Taralynn has all sorts of ideas for easy lunches and grab-and-go snacks. Overall this blog is updated regularly and packed with information for those who are always moving.


The Yummy Life


This blog has tons of recipes that can be mixed and matched to create delicious meals. Monica’s recipes will keep you fed breakfast through dinner for days.


Oh, and if you have a tendency to pin recipes on Pinterest, then this site needs to be your new addition – foodgawker.com

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