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Flashnotes: My Academic Scholarship

I hopped off the plane at D.C.A. with a dream and my cardigan. Welcome to the land of school and stress, woah am I gonna make it?

But really, my surreal and sun-filled senior spring break came to a crashing holt when Ronald Reagan so graciously welcomed me back to reality with a snowstorm and the realization that midterms were quickly approaching. I told myself my tan wouldn’t fade because like, the snow was totally reflecting the sun onto my skin and only enhancing my spring break glow!!!! I felt good about this white (like the color I am rapidly fading back to) lie, so I told myself another; Midterms are like the Splenda of sweeteners, they aren’t even the real thing. I reasoned that I probably didn’t even have to study that much. As I walked through the terminal, bronzed and braided, I built up a little bubble of altered reality, a happier place than the one I resided in.

I was so busy layering on perspectives and excuses that I almost didn’t notice when the Starbucks barista whispered to me, red-faced, that my card had been declined. As if her rosatia was contagious, my cheeks burned and my bubble burst… had I really spent that much money? I thought back to the coconuts filled with rum and the starfish I found snorkeling off the side of a Catamaran. As I stood there contemplating just how inappropriate it would be to charge this one to my parents, I realized this would only be the first of many coffees I could no longer afford. I can’t really complain, after all this was my last (ahhhhhhhh) Spring Break.

Anyway, I decided I couldn’t take on the D.C. cold with just my cardigan, and my parents def value my survival, so I settled for (justified) a Grande. Besides, the coffee in Puerto Plata (the knock-off Punta Cana where I vacationed) sucked, and I was having Pike Place withdrawals.  I left the airport revamped and headed home. My coffee-induced charisma sent me straight to my Media Law textbook. Energized, I typed away at my notes and made close to 300 flashcards on studyblue.com. I was banging out Court case summaries and terms to know when I noticed it was well past midnight. I looked up from my Mac book screen and realized my eyes felt like the anvils that had settled on my shoulders when I first looked at my Media Law and Ethics review guide, some 6 hours prior. Feeling satisfied, I yawned and surrendered to the overwhelming feeling of sleepiness. I popped on Netflix (because I’m a millennial and cannot go to sleep without it) and passed out.

I woke up the next morning (afternoon) to a request from a classmate to share my online note cards. The cards I slaved and stressed over. I thought, “not to be rude, but like….NO!” I mean, I was a little torn. I wanted to help her, but it didn’t seem fair. I would have happily gone to dinner with my parents and then to bed early reminiscing on a perfect break, but instead my night was filled with flash cards and focus. As I explained my predicament, she told me I could upload them to flasnotes.com and she would buy them from me. WAAAIITTTT WHAAAAT?!!!!

It became clear that my job at J.Crew was leaving me more in the red than rich, and I know I am too much of a loyal shopper to surrender my employee discount. So I thought about it, and I researched it. Turns out there’s this guy at Florida State who has made almost $ 12,000 selling his study materials… that’s like 10 pairs of Louboutins!!!!  This is like the perfect remedy to the age-old dilemma, “ I want a job, but I don’t want it to affect my school work (or social life)!” Getting paid to study is like getting paid to breathe; it’s mutually beneficial. You have to do it, so why not make money off of it?! The test is later this week and I’m pretty sure we will both do well… not as well as I will do with that extra cash though.

Sell your review guides not your rest and relaxation; use http://www.flashnotes.com/


I am a senior Strategic Communications major and Painting minor and Elon University.
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