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Fall Into the Essentials!



            It’s that time of year again, when your lips start to chap and your skin feels like it is slowly starting to shrivel from the brisk air as you walk out of your apartment. As much as we would love to be able to avoid that, it is a little difficult to stop the cold. But what we can do is combat the irritation and the dryness by using some make-up essentials.

            According to Oprah.com, there is a cocoa butter, Jojoba and almond oils in Steam cream that lock in moisture, while the oatmeal extract and lavender oils soothe irritation. Another amazing product is the Eos Everyday Hand Lotion. You may or may not have seen the cute little egg-like lip balms in different colors that work magic on our lips, but now there is lotion to help our tips. The Eos Everyday Hand Lotion contains oat extract, hydrating aloe vera, shea butter and some essential vitamins C and E. So next time you are at the store and are picking up an Eos lip balm why not make it a set and pick up some hand lotion?

            Do your legs feel like they are getting ashy and possibly even starting to look like you grew scales? There is something to help you!

            As much as we all love our tan foundations that fit the color of our skin when we have been sun kissed, it is time to put that away just like your jean shorts. Make sure that this winter you have picked up a foundation that is a lighter texture with added moisture to fight dehydration.

            Lastly, one tip that will have him melting when he looks into your eyes around the holidays: Eye shadow! This fall/winter, use colors that look like the environment around you, such as olive greens, plums, taupe and earthy tones. 

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