Elon's Beauty Is More Than Looks

There are tons of articles published and reposted on Facebook detailing the gorgeous campus Elon University stands on. We know attending the school can feel like a dream since seasons are perfectly transitioned and recognized in the changing colors. But, why exactly is Elon so beautiful?


With fall starting, there is no doubt that Elon’s campus is exceptionally gorgeous during this time. Elon is known for strong academic programs and a central focus on global awareness. This means the University wishes to foster world leaders and because of this comes to a great responsibility to maintain and build an appealing and visually pleasing campus.


In the fall of 2004, President Lambert signed a resolution that declared the campus a Botanical Garden. What is the significance of a botanical garden? Not only does the campus look beautiful at all times and is pleasing to admire but it also serves as an educational tool. With extracurricular organizations like the Garden Club, Elon encourages students to investigate sustainability and the importance of nurturing the Earth. When walking around campus, one will see many signs indicating the type of plant. This expands the gardens more and more every year and allows plants to be selected for specific projects carefully.

The focus on sustainability and creating world leaders comes into effect with our fertilizer and irrigation systems. Only 37% of the landscape at Elon is irrigated which its primary system is reclaimed stormwater. This all started in the 1980s and benefits when being connected to our ponds. The bodies of water on Elon’s campus have further helped in fertilizing and encouraging the growth of plants.


In 2008, Elon started collecting and composting own yard waste. Four years later, 95 tons of compost were produced! Not only is Elon so beautiful but also it is very ecologically aware.

Knowing this about Elon- has your love for the school and its values only increased?