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Do You Know How Elon Can Help You?

It’s that time of year for internship searches and interviews. Often students are unaware how to begin their search. When you go to a college that has as many resources as Elon it’s easy to start your search, you just have to know where you to look for those resources!
To begin with, there are many resources in the Career Center. Elon recently turned the old bookstore into the Career Development Center. Inside, there are multiple computers that you can use to look in the database and find company names, previous interns, etc. Also inside are rooms that you can use to interview in. Students have used these rooms for Skype interviews, phone interviews and even on campus recruiters will use the rooms to interview Elon students.

Not only does the career center hold many different resources, the Business School and Communications School both have professionals working in there to help with your job and internship needs. Ross Wade is located in the Communications school and is extremely helpful.
There are also many other resources that are available, but may not be tangible resources. Elon’s job network site is extremely helpful. Students and alumni can sign in on the website and can search various companies and even see what companies are coming to Elon to recruit or are just making visits.
Elon’s internship services are also very helpful. Paying a visit to your designated advisors is one of the best resources that Elon has. It’s important to make sure to visit your advisor because you never know if your advisor knows someone in the industry in which you are pursuing a career.
Elon also hosts multiple career workshops and events. One specific event that has just passed was the Elon Network, which was designed to help students talk to other students and professionals who completed internships in various areas of study. For example, students wore different color shirts to differentiate the majors. Students also had an opportunity to also speak with professionals from different companies.
The resources the school has are very valuable. It is important to take advantage of all of these resources and to be aware that we have so many different ways and people to help you achieve your highest potential.

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