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Conor Janda: Director of Marketing for Elonthon

Name: Conor Janda

Year: Junior

Birthday: April 30, 1994


What organizations are you involved with at Elon?

I am the Director of Marketing for Elonthon and the Philanthropy Chair for Zeta Beta Tau.


Of those, which is the most important to you?

They’re both really important and go hand-in-hand. Both Elonthon and Zeta Beta Tau benefit Duke Children’s Hospital, which is a really great organization. The money raised through Elonthon and ZBT philanthropy fund programs for the patients at the hospital.


Give me a two-sentence pitch on why people should register for Elonthon.

Everyone should go to elonthon.org to register because it truly is so incredible to hear the stories of our Miracle Children. They are all tough as nails and a reminder to never give up.


Can you give us a hint as to what the theme of Elonthon is this year?

I can give you more than a hint. The theme is “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND FOR THE KIDS!” Expect a lot of glitter and glow in the dark. It’s the perfect theme for an event dedicated to reaching for the stars,


What’s been your favorite part about being on Elonthon exec?

I love being involved with Elonthon. It brings the community together with the common goal of improving the lives of others. Students work to give the gift of childhood to so many kids who have lost part of their childhood to cancer. Kids should get to have fun. They should get to be silly. These kids are proof that a cancer diagnosis cannot steal the smile from a kid’s face, but it can make it a little more difficult to smile. Elonthon wants to give these kids more reasons to smile.


When do have free time, what do you like to do with it?

It’s all free time if you’re doing what you love! Other things I love include going to the gym, taking the BioBus to Target and exfoliating. Those are the two most therapeutic places ever. Be sure to follow me on instagram @the_gym_brat.


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