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From College Relationship to a Long Distance Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

Summer love is something most young girls dream about. I mean Sandy and Danny made it look so easy and fun, who wouldn’t want to “make out under the docks.” It may be easy to fall into a quick summer romance when your days are long and free from the burden of homework and studying, but what if you’re not looking for something short lived? College relationships are great because for a majority of the year, your significant other is just a short walk to another dorm building or perhaps just an elevator ride away. But every relationship comes with its setbacks and for more college love, that setback comes just at the end of May. While transitioning into being a long distance couple may seem hard and intimidating, you must remember that this is also a time to focus on yourself and be independent. It’s time to relax and focus on family and friends and know that your significant other is doing the same. While your friends are getting ready for the beachy days, nights at the bars, and their upcoming summer flings, you may be worried about just how to get through your first long distance experience of the year. Here is what to know:

  1. It is worth it.

If you lasted the whole year with this person and are even considering doing long distance, then your feelings for your partner are probably quite strong. Remind yourself of all the memories that you two have shared throughout the year and know that in three short months, everything will be the same. The miles apart are worth it and no quick summer fling or 20 second hookup where the guy never texts you again is worth giving up the love you shared with a person for over 200 days of the school year.


2. Plan visits

College summers are nice and long. You get out early May and don’t have to return until late August. Plan ahead for visits so that you have something to look forward to during your time apart. A plane ticket or gas money may be worth it once or twice over the course of those 3 months to see the one you love. Start planning fun events for the two of you to do like getting food at your favorite Frozen Yogurt place or simply giving him a tour of your hometown. The two of you could also plan to meet in the middle and have an adventure together in a place you both have never been. Go explore a new city or beach town. Look forward to these few days that you can be together and realize this is why the wait is worth it.


3. Keep busy

Get a job, call up a friend you haven’t seen since high school or immerse yourself in a new book. Take time for YOU. Even though you were probably used to constantly being surrounded by people moving in and out of your dorm building or continually meeting up with your partner, you need to take time for yourself and summer is your perfect opportunity. Find your place, whether that be the beach, a park, or two trees to set up a hammock and just think and unwind.


4. Enjoy the benefits of modern technology

Do not text all the time. Enjoy yourself and truly engage with those around you. Also texting relationships can lead to misunderstandings and a lot of confusion regarding who meant what and in what tone. But do FaceTime and send lots and lots of snaps. You’re going to miss seeing each other’s faces and thanks to modern technology, you can feel a little bit better! Send funny GIFs or memes to show that you guys can still laugh together and share good moments. Post pictures to reminisce on your best times together and get excited to take a selfie with your partner soon in person.


5. Be honest

Long distance relationships rely heavily on one common factor: trust. If you are going to survive miles apart from one another with only some texts and pictures to show what each other is doing, you are going to need to develop and maintain the utmost trust between the two of you. This means always being honest about where you are and what you are doing. If you had a troubled drunken night with friends you need to tell him. If he got hit on by an ex from High School, he needs to tell you. The honesty and trust needs to remain strong or else all else will fail. Luckily, your relationship had time to develop and grow strong throughout the year so three Summer months will only be a further test of your loyalty to one another.


    If you and your partner are both committed to the relationship 100 percent then it is totally worth the time and energy to make it work for 12 short weeks. Long distance relationships are notoriously tough but the love you two share and the time you spend at school together is enough to make it possible and rewarding for the both of you.


Sierra Leavenworth is pursuing Journalism and Strategic Communications during her undergrad years at Elon University. Her passion for writing began in the third grade when she filled up three journals in about a month and wrote her first ‘published’ piece on the vegetable of the month: Cauliflower. She can usually be seen writing articles, taking bubble baths, or dancing to Beyonce.