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Solange Hot Pink Chunky Ring
Solange Hot Pink Chunky Ring
Hotlips by Solange

Chunky Rings: Buy or Bye?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

As seen time and time again in the fashion world: nostalgia sells. The emblematic pieces and trends of the 90’s have made a prominent resurface and appear to be here to stay. Left and right, celebrities and influencers, such as Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain, all across the media are obsessing with chunky, oversized bauble rings as previously worn by celebrities during the 90’s. Playful and somewhat nostalgic from childhood, the rings come in oval or rectangular shapes, decorated with gemstones, and a variety of colors or textures! But will this be just another trend that is a thing of the past as soon as you decide to make the purchase? 

After a year of loungewear as a result of Covid-19 quarantine precautions, all of the normal reasons to get dressed up have diminished. Sweatpants have easily become one of the defining trends of our new day-to-day lives. So as we attempt to return to some type of normalcy, why not find excuses to have a little fashion fun? A bright, chunky ring can provide the chance to get dressed up for something as small as going grocery shopping or grabbing coffee. 

This bright, exciting trend is far from the dime of the dozen minimalistic gold or silver jewelry. In a time when people are looking to stay optimistic and hopeful, a mix and match ring that can be worn more or less depending on your mood might be the perfect fix! The rings are also commonly seen to be stackable for an adjusted subtle or maximalist look. 

The rings come in a wide variety of metals and materials including plastic, resin, lucite, or metal. There are also plenty of designs that add a personal touch like sparkles, gems, stones, or shapes. All in all, these chunky rings can be versatile for individuals of all fashion styles and tastes! 

These statement rings are for sure at the forefront of this accessory overhaul, and I am definitely on board. However, let’s discuss what brands are the places to buy or say goodbye. 

  1. La Manso

La Manso has been everyone’s newest obsession, as one of the top brands worn by celebrities in the media. La Manso sells a number of diverse options, some bedazzled, colored, or shaped. However, each ring is approximately $70 and there are definitely more affordable options out there. Bye in my opinion!

  1. Hotlips by Solange

Hotlips by Solange rings are in the shape of a signature pout, ranging from glitters and bold colors. This 90’s relic of modern jewelry has been seen on the hands of Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna. Each ring is priced at $271, which is not affordable for the average college-aged student. It’s a goodbye for me!

  1. Clueluce 

Clueluce is a new brand created during the pandemic in the UK. The creator of the brand, Lucy, creates each ring herself with sustainable materials. Her orders are very popular and drop in limited batches. Each collection has sold rings for about $23 and is definitely a buy!

  1. Ballzy Jung 

Ballzy Jung is an Instagram-based shop that sells unique, abstract rings with different textures, checkered patterns, and gems. The company makes monthly drops that sell fast. Each ring is priced affordably at $30. One of these rings will definitely stand out against others, a buy!


Emma Ibanez is an Elon University student studying Public Health with a biological focus and a minor in Psychology.