Celeb Style Icon for Fall: Vanessa Hudgens

If you follow her on Instagram, you can plainly see that Vanessa Hudgens knows a thing or two about fall fashion. The former Disney Channel sweetheart’s style, along with her personality, has matured since her “High School Musical” years. Hudgens’ wardrobe consists of very vintage, hippy-esque pieces that can easily be transitioned from summer to fall. She likes to wear oversized, dark colored clothing that looks great paired with her long, dark locks. One of her statement pieces this fall is a beanie. I’ve seen several shots of Hudgens sporting these cute crocheted hats. Not only are they trendy, but they also help keep your head warm, making them perfect for fall. Another reason why she’s a fashion icon is because she knows how to dress for her body type. Her red carpet looks are flawless every time, and she always stays true to her bohemian style. If you want to stay updated on her day-to-day fashion, you can follow her on Instagram at @vanessahudgens!