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Caitlin Brady: The World Traveler


Meet Caitlin Brady, a determined, adventurous girl who I’m lucky to have as a friend! I have always been so impressed with her motivation to succeed and ability to juggle so many commitments at once. She takes full advantage of all of the great opportunities Elon offers us, including Greek life, student government, study abroad, and club sports. 

Where do you live on campus?
I live in Magnolia 520 on campus.

What’s your major/ minor?
My major is Strategic Communications and I am a double minor in Finance and Professional Selling (Marketing minor)

What are you involved with on campus?
I am involved with The Student Government Association, Phi Mu Fraternity and the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team.

What’s your favorite part about Elon?
My favorite part about Elon is the community. I find that the size is great because you see new and old faces everyday when walking to and from class. Additionally, this community includes professors who build strong relationships with the students. I find that the professors at Elon are very engaged and eager to build a relationship with their students in order for them to be successful.

What’s your favorite food/why?
My favorite food is dumplings because I enjoy the pork inside them and the chewy outsides of the dumplings. I love dipping them in soy sauce before eating them because it adds a stronger flavor. It is a rather strange food but I love it!

Where did you travel abroad and how did you pick where to go?
I traveled abroad on Semester at Sea. On the voyage I visited 10 countries over the course of three and a half months. I visited Germany, Spain, Ghana, South Africa, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Japan and Hawaii. I chose this program to study abroad because many of these countries that I visited are ones that I will never return to. Semester at Sea was an opportunity that I will never have again in life and thus wanted to take the opportunity while I could. Additionally, my mother went on Semester at Sea in 1982 on the SS Universe. This had an influence on me and so did my brothers who have both traveled to Asia. I believe that I will spend a lot of time in Europe at a later date and thus wanted to take this opportunity to explore different parts of the world!

What’s your dream job?
My dream job would be to either work for a professional ice hockey team or for a sports team/company doing marketing or event planning. Sports are a very important part of my life currently and growing up and I have a true passion. I enjoy event planning and marketing very much and what better to do it for an industry that I love too!

Fun fact?
Fun Fact: I bungee jumped off the highest bungee bridge in the world in South Africa.

Elon University Class of 2019 Tuftonboro, New Hampshire Entrepreneurship & Management Major
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