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The Best & Worst of NYFW

New York Fashion Week has sadly come to a close, but that does not mean that the shows are not going to be remembered. Just the opposite in fact, as New York Fashion Week is always on the cutting-edge not only for fashion but pop culture. Several designers had noteworthy shows, featuring new collaborations, celebrities and lots of surprises. Here is a glimpse of the highlights of NYFW Spring Collection 2015. 


Most Creative Show: Opening Ceremony

This super-trendy brand took the runway concept to a whole other level this year, hiring director Spike Jonze and actor Jonah Hill to create a one-act satire play about none other than a runway fashion show. This very creative idea was excellently received in the media, as it featured popular models and celebrities including Elle Fanning, Karlie Kloss and Catherine Keener to name a few. However, the clothes also played a role in Opening Ceremony’s Fashion Week production; neon orange, pink and black were the favorites and the company also debuted their “smart bracelet” collection, which includes an Intel chip in it.


Most Innovative: Polo Ralph Lauren

Fashion is always ahead of the curve, and so is technology. This year, fashion and technology were combined at the Polo Ralph Lauren show, bringing the runway into the Fourth Dimension. The innovative designer had his show in Central Park this year, by having 4D screens projecting models walking in front of various iconic New York landmarks.


Most Interesting Collaboration: Jeremy Scott and Miley Cyrus

If Miley’s name is attached to something, then it must be wild.  The singer collaborated with designer Jeremy Scott for an accessories line, appropriately titled “Dirty Hippie,” while both the clothes and accessories complemented each other in the extravagance. True to form, Miley’s accessories were very DIY-inspired as her jewelry and headwear were made with materials commonly found at craft stores.

Most Spotted Celebrity: Rihanna

Rihanna is always up-to-date and daring with the latest fashions, and NYFW proved no different. The Barbadian beauty really got her Fashion Week fix; one minute she was spotted front row at Alexander Wang, the next minute she was sitting next to Bono at Edun for his own show. 


Most Dazzling Collection: Zimmermann

The Australian brand gained many new fans during Fashion Week, by combining the traditional with the futuristic. This season’s collection really emphasized the concept of layering, but with a twist; as the idea of being “too much” did not exist for this show. Zimmermann’s line focused on pairing bold metallic colors with chic pastels, resulting in a high-fashion twist on the everyday street style.


It’s safe to say that New York Fashion Week 2014 was a success, as many designers took their shows to new heights this year not only with their clothes, but also with their actual runway shows, by incorporating various entertaining elements into them as well. 



Photo caption: http://www.teenvogue.com/images/fashion/2014-09/miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott…

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