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The Best Craft Ideas for your Sorority LITTLE!

With Big/Little week around the corner, everyone is freaking out about what to give their little. No need to worry, here is a list of cheap and easy craft ideas that any little will love!


These are a must. Head over to any Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or a craft store and pick up a few blank canvases, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes. Next step: Pinterest. Go on this website and you will find hundreds of different canvas ideas. After making the hard decision of picking one, simply paint away! Any little will love to receive these so they can show them off in their dorm room!



Definitely go out and get your sorority’s wooden letters that you can paint.  There are tons of designs for letters on Pinterest or get creative and come up with your own designs! Feel free to add glitter, sparkles, or rhinestones to add a cute touch! 


Picture Frames

Buy any wooden picture frame and simply paint the border with any cute design like chevron or polka dots. Put in a cute picture of you and your little or her pledge class! Your little will love to put this on her desk. 

Customized Cups

Everyone uses these so why not write a cute saying or your little’s monogram on them. These are such a cute gift and also very useful! Also to show your little how much you love her, fill up the cups with your little’s favorite candy.

For those of you who cringe when you hear the word crafting or see these homemade examples, don’t panic! There are a bunch of stores and websites where you can find tons of things for your little! Etsy has everything you would need, including: handmade canvas, letter shirts, customized monograms, and much more! Also be sure to visit All That Jas, which has a different section for each sorority on campus filled with tons of great little gifts ranging from cups to letters to key chains! At the end of the day, whatever you give your little she will so excited that she is finally has a big and that she just got a ton of cute and amazing new stuff! So enjoy Big/Little week ladies, may the crafting be ever in your favor!

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