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The Best Bikinis You Will Find: CEABikinis by Christina Evert

Spring break is only a few short weeks away and I am going to kick off bikini season with the best secret to the trendiest, affordable bikinis in the game. The brand is called CEAbikinis, and you can purchase them online through Etsy (the URL is www.etsy.com/shop/christinaevertart). There are a variety of prints and fits to please any style. I fell in love with the Aztec and tie die prints while my preppy friend loved the pin striped and floral.

The beautiful prints are what caught my eye, but when I ordered one, I was amazed how it fit me like a glove. There is no better feeling then having the confidence of a beautiful bikini.

The background behind the brand might be even cooler than the bikinis themselves. Christina Evert is the founder and designer of the brand. All of the bikinis are handmade by Christina out of her tiny apartment in Hilo, Hawaii. She says she makes them “accompanied by endless cups of Kauai Coffee and Jack Johnson Pandora.”

I discovered Christina and her bikinis from a few friends who studied abroad during Semester at Sea with her. They only had amazing things to say. Elon junior Lindsey Sinicki said, “I never saw her without a smile. She works so hard but is always up for an adventure and to have fun.”

Christina wound up in Hawaii by doing a semester exchange her sophomore year of college and ended up falling in love with both surfing and living on the island. When I interviewed her, she told me, “I knew I wanted to make surf culture a central part of my life, and I also knew that I wanted to do something creative and artistic and meaningful with my time, so the following summer I taught myself to sew, applied for a full transfer to the University of Hawaii at Hilo.” Trust me, you will want to check out her Instagram for amazing shots of her bikinis and her surfer girl life style living in Hawaii (her Instagram is Christinaevertcea.)

I was amazed at how relatable she was. When I emailed her through Etsy because I had accidently shipped the bikini to my home address (oops), she responded within a few days saying she has changed the shipping information for me in the sweetest way possible. It was almost like I was emailing one of my friends. When I followed her on Instagram, she followed me back and liked some of my posts. She was thrilled to talk to me about this article and honestly just seems like your average college girl following her passions and talents. How can you not justify buying a beautiful bikini while supporting this awesome and personable college girl who is following her dreams?

My experience with the product and how impressed I was with the fit and style completely aligns with Christina’s goals. She says, “from the very start it has been my mission to create completely unique, custom, high quality bikinis that are as comfortable and flattering on the body as they are beautiful.” Well Christina, you nailed it. I cannot wait for the sun to shine down in North Carolina so I can flaunt my new CEAbikini. Is it spring break yet?


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