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Instagram ads are a great way to find unique products that you wouldn’t have had exposure to otherwise. For me, Instagram has become less of a personal catwalk and more of a loading dock of wishlists I’ve made at 3 am (and I’m sure I’m not alone). 

Ads also give us an opportunity to support more small-owned businesses that have been especially affected by this pandemic. A lot of them pay for advertising in the hopes that someone will click on their products. If you can’t give a monetary contribution, simply giving traffic to their website or sending a link to a friend who might buy another product helps out. It’s especially important to  always support small Black and POC-owned businesses. So, without further adieu, here are three new-to-me brands that I found (on Instagram!) that I hope you will support.


The Tiny Tassel 

The Tiny Tassel is the cutest jewelry and clothing store based in Charleston, SC. Mimi Striplin, the founder, hand- makes every piece of jewelry while her mother hand-sews every garment. Every piece on the website oozes sunshine and happiness! The earrings are really well-priced and the garments, although a little expensive, are absolutely stunning. I’m placing an order for my vacation stat!

image courtesy of @thetinytassel and @anerisphotos


Minor History


Minor History leather goods are ethically sourced, responsibly made, and expertly crafted. They guarantee that none of their products are made with metal tanning, which is toxic to humans) and plastic liners, which are bad for the environment. I myself didn’t know how bad the handbag industry was! The prices are decent considering how much ethical practices cost( which is actually a crime in itself because consumers deserve to be safe without extra cost!) They provide a variety of colors for their chic, minimal handbags that can take you from the farmer’s market to a night out with no hassle.

image courtesy of @minorhistorynyc and @becomingkendall

Soko Glam 

This one is for the beauty lovers out there. Soko Glam is co-led by Charlotte Cho, a board-certified esthetician, and Dave Cho, a military veteran with over a decade in leadership positions. Soko Glam is the leading destination for everything Korean Beauty. Their products are very well-curated and extremely well-priced. I feel like Soko Glam has been my well-kept secret these past few months and I decided I finally wanted to share it with the world. Soko Glam has everything you are looking for, from oils and exfoliating cleansers for double cleansing, face masks with interesting (and very intriguing) ingredients like snail bee and licorice, and tried and true sunscreen for the next couple of warm months. I really like that you can browse the website by customer reviews so you can see how well the products stood up to the test.

image courtesy of @sokoglam


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