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Alli Lindenberg – I Am That Girl President

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Human Service Studies

Minor: Women & Gender Studies

For those who don’t know, what is the purpose of I Am That Girl (IATG)?

The purpose of I Am That Girl is to build communities of women who are turning self doubt into self love. Essentially, we want to shift girl culture, and eventually human culture, to be more supportive, accepting, and loving.

What led you to create a chapter of I Am That Girl at Elon?

College is such a busy time for most people. In the everyday hustle we often forget to truly check in with ourselves and those around us. I saw this at Elon, not only in myself, but in those around me. I was really impressed with our student body. We are all involved in so many things. We look great “on paper.” I knew that I couldn’t be the only person wanting to engage in conversations deeper than the everyday surface level exchanges that usually occur on campus. That’s why I started IATG at Elon. To give people, including myself, a space to genuinely connect with themselves and to those around them by having meaningful conversations; to provide a truly supportive community that we all need and want.

What kinds of topics are discussed at the I Am That Girl meetings and how do you decided what to talk about each week?

We talk about it all! Seriously – Competition amongst women, sex, goals and ambitions, mental illness, girl culture. You name it – and we’ll talk about it.

What would be your biggest reason for advocating to Elon girls that they should join I Am That Girl?

College is a very concentrated period where we are expected to figure it all out. We’re all in this state of self exploration and it’s often difficult. Having a supportive community of people who encourage you to be your best self, and who have your back no matter what, makes this journey a little bit easier. Plus, having conversations about things that matter, both to you and the world, is a mind blowing and heart expanding experience.

What are some of the things you hope to achieve within the club this year?

I want to continue to have meaningful conversations. It’s amazing to me how much good can come out of a genuine and honest conversation. This type of dialogue is unique to IATG and has brightened so many lives on campus. My overarching goal is to continue to shift girl culture on Elon’s campus to be more supportive and uplifting. This is definitely only the beginning and I am so humbled and excited for all the wonderful things to come from IATG this year.

The “mission statement” of I Am That Girl is, “I am perfectly flawed and sublimely beautyFULL. I am a constant work in progress. I recognize that what I admire in others also exists within myself. As a member of this community, I promise to collaborate instead of compete and remind other girls of their worth when they’ve forgotten. I’m on a mission to turn self-doubt in to self-love, to use my voice, to share my truth, to love others, and to leave this world better than I found it.” What would be your personal mission statement?

The only truth I know for sure is that we matter. We are more connected than we realize. And when we live life from a place of worthiness, compassion, humility, and love, everything make sense.

(**Alli is on the left side of the picture shown).

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