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5 Ways to Explore Campus This Semester

Walking around Elon’s beautiful campus makes us appreciate how lucky we are to attend such a great University. Some days are extra hectic, so it’s important to take a step back and enjoy what the beautiful area has to offer. Step aside from your daily homework assignments, study hours, organizations and have some fun with your friends by going on a few adventures throughout the semester. Here are some of our favorite ways to do a little North Carolina exploring:

Go for a Hike

Step away from Elon’s campus and take advantage of the great outdoors. Burlington is enclosed by many amazing hiking trails that are perfect for any day trip. Travel a little farther and head to the Eno River Rock Quarry in Durham for multiple trails, water for cliff jumping and swimming and picnic tables meant for a feast in the wilderness. This is the perfect place to get away with your best friends.

Roam a Farmers Market

Farmer’s Markets are a great way to learn more about what the community has to offer with local vendors and produce. For convenience, a local market is held near Pandora’s Pies every Thursday. If you’re looking to explore around Elon even more, travel to the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market in Greensboro. Take advantage of the carefree atmosphere of a farmer’s markets and easily forget about your hectic class schedule.

Discover a New Restaurant

The best way to learn about the town of Elon is to find a new restaurant. Elon is filled with local restaurants and ice cream joints to satisfy every craving. Step out of your comfort zone and try a restaurant you’ve never heard of, because odds are you will love it.  Drive Downtown to Greensboro or Raleigh to investigate even more delicious places. North Carolina is filled with a variety of restaurants that make this area unique compared to your home state.

Jam at a Concert

Gather up some of your friends and go to a concert in Raleigh, Durham, or Charlotte. Whether it is a country concert on the lawn or a rap concert in the Entertainment Center, take a trip out of Elon to jam out to your favorite artists.

Cheer On Your Local Sport’s Team

Fall is meant for watching countless football games and eating too many hotdogs to count. Support Elon’s football team by watching a home game or taking a trip to some of their neighboring locations.  Try taking a fun road trip with your friends and travel to Duke, UNC, or NC State to watch some football and explore even more of North Carolina.





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