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5 Fall Booties Trends You Need to See This Fall

It’s that time of year at Elon. The weather has dramatically gotten cooler and you’re searching for a new fracket to use when you’re out on the town. This also means it’s time to put away those flip flops and whip out those cute booties. Who doesn’t look cute in a tall or short pair of boots? Keep up with this fall’s latest fashion statements with these cute booties:


1.The Hiker

These boots give off the vibe that you’re ready to go anywhere at any time, and in style. These low-key hiking style boots will make you want to go climb up Hanging Rock while looking fantastic.  Lace up for an adventure in a variety of combat boots.


2. The Red Ankle

These booties give you the pop of color you need this fall. It’s always nice to add a little flare to your outfit, whether you’re going for a low key heel or mid booties to pair with those cropped jeans. Make a statement around town because people will definitely turn heads.


3.  The Slouch

The slouchy boot style has finally returned and it’s never looked better. You’ve definitely perused through your mom’s closet and seen these hiding in the back from way back when. These knee highs in classic black are boots you can wear all season, so the investment is totally worth it.


4. Suede Lace-Ups

This vintage feel look can go either as a low rise or high rise boots. They would completely make a bohemian styled look. These suede boots look best in brown tones, so mix and match your outfits with tan colored or dark brown boots.


5. White & Sleek

These boots will throw you back to the 90s. Nothing says clean and sleek like chunky white heeled booties. Block heels will make you feel more comfortable while looking good. White essentially goes with anything, so pair up some patterned pants to make these shoes pop.

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