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10 Ways to Rejuvenate This Summer

10 Ways to Rejuvenate This Summer

With summer being one week away, I think we are ready to get our bodies back on track and have a restful, rejuvenating summer! The long nights spent in the library studying and the overload of coffee and college food is finally catching up to us, and we are ready for some sun and much needed relaxation. So as you finish strong with finals this week, think about the fun and free time that is ahead. Here are 10 great ways to have a healthy, fun filled summer!


1. Sleep

We can finally sleep in! Yay! Summer means no more 8am classes and the opportunity to maximize our sleep. So spend those mornings in the comfort of your bed because after all you deserve it. Go to bed early and wake up late. You have spent so much time studying and working and sleep is all your body needs!

2. Building an Exercise Routine

Whether it is long runs on the beach, your favorite workout class or a walk with your mom, you can develop a steady exercise routine over the next three months. With the busy schedule at the end of the school year, it is tough to find time to get to the gym. Now is your time to give back to your body and sweat everything out.

3. Homemade Food

I think we can all agree that we are beginning to get sick of college food. The repetition of the dining hall meals is only getting us more excited for a home cooked meal. Summer corn, fresh fruit and dinners made by mom are finally in sight. 

4. Family Time

One of the best traditions of summer are the family BBQ’s and the time everyone can spend together. It has been a while since the last vacation so appreciate all the time you have with your parents, siblings and close friends!

5. Seeing Old Friends

There is nothing better than reuniting with high school friends. It has been a long year without them and having everyone home at the same time is so exciting. Rehashing the old days and reliving all your memories is always so much fun. It is sad to leave your college friends, but nothing beats coming home to old pals.

6. Summer Reading

It is impossible to find time for pleasure reading throughout the school year. Find a good book this summer and stick to it. Pick up a great beach read or maybe start a book club with your friends.

7. Jobs/Internships

Though a work schedule can be a real grind and remind us of the school year, the experiences and lessons you will learn at your job or internship will only benefit you for the future. Work hard and have fun!

8. The Beach

I cannot imagine summer without the beach. Soak up the sun and get that summer tan on. Long afternoons at the beach are always relaxing especially when it is with friends!

9. Setting Goals

Set a goal for yourself this summer. Over the next three months you can accomplish a lot and even change a habit or try something different. Whether that is eating healthy, trying a new activity or challenging yourself to run everyday, you can do something great this summer. Stick with it and August may bring great results.

10. Preparing for Next Year

Before we know it we will be right back where we left off! I don’t know about you, but I am already so excited for next year. This August do not forget to get organized and ready to come back to campus. Bring those summer goals with you and be prepared to work hard again. See you in three months!

Have an amazing summer everyone! It is well deserved! 

Allie Keigher Elon University Class of 2019 Greenwich, CT Communication Design major and Digital Art minor
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