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10 Reasons You Know You Go To Elon

You know you go to Elon when…

Wearing your own school’s apparel is frowned upon. Wearing anything with the school logo is a sign that you are either a freshman or an athlete. However, Red Sox apparel is basically uniform.

You can get into the bar with a Phoenix card and know the bouncer by name; said bouncer is named after a dinner side.

Average (at best) guys get multiple flawless girls to fight over them out of sheer desperation…Elon goggles are REAL.

Everyone studies abroad. Literally everyone.

You have to TRY to not graduate on time.

At least 50% of your friends are Communications majors.

McEwen to KOBC (10 min away) is “too far” to walk, even though that is the shortest walk for students at state schools.

You are more likely to go to a sporting event at Duke, UNC, or Wake Forest than here.

Greek Week is the only sporting event that fills up the entire gym.

Riding the bio bus is everyone’s first experience of public transportation.


I am a senior Strategic Communications major and Painting minor and Elon University.
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