Valentine's Playlist

Below I have a few songs that never fail to get me in the lovey-dovey and overall happy mood. These songs are perfect for the Valentine’s Day season, and I hope you can enjoy these songs as much as I do. These songs are perfect to share with a special someone, with friends, or just to jam out with by yourself. 

Sunday Morning- Maroon 5

Sunday Morning is practically the perfect love song that doesn’t sound too cheesy. Its upbeat instrumentals give a “young and in love” vibe (though it’s also amazing for couples in their eighties). Sunday Morning is probably my favorite Maroon 5 song and never fails to make me nostalgic for the bands’ early jams. The lyrics are super sweet and can be an amazing start to your Valentine’s Day morning with a delicious breakfast in bed (or any morning really).

Memories- Shawn Mendes

Memories is without a doubt my all-time favorite Shawn Mendes song (and I love all of them). Memories is definitely not as well known as some of his other hits, but I think it’s the most beautiful, lyrically and musically. This song makes me feel like I’m walking through a house with tons of natural sunlight and curtains billowing in the wind. This song makes all of my Pisces dreams come true.

Adore You- Harry Styles

Harry Styles is the epitome of a heartthrob with incredible taste in fashion and music. Harry’s new album Fine Line, which came out on December 13th, is a perfect testament to his talent and creativity. Every song on that album is amazing, but I think Adore You is especially applicable for Valentine’s Day. It feels like Harry is singing right to you and it’s magical. For another amazing love song, check out Sweet Creature from Harry’s first album.

Waste/Out of Touch- Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron released four new singles at the end of last year and I am completely here for it. Dove is for sure one of my biggest role models for female empowerment and making mental health a priority. Like many of her fans, I have been eagerly anticipating Dove’s solo music and it did not disappoint at all. Waste and Out of Touch are my two favorites from her as of right now and listeners can really hear the raw emotion and love she’s feeling in both. Dove’s vocals are light, but honest and entirely impeccable. I recommend giving anyone (or all) of her singles a listen. 

Valentine- 5 Seconds of Summer

I love 5 Seconds of Summer. Ever since I first saw them open for One Direction I have followed and loved their music. In 2018, they released the album Youngblood and even in 2020, most of the songs on it are also on my most listened to playlist of favorites. Valentine, as its name suggests, is perfect for that romance filled day. Like all of their music, Valentine has a slightly edgy tone while still conveying love and passion. The lyrics say to throw out all the Valentine’s Day gifts because nothing else matters as long as they have each other.

Can’t Help Falling in Love- Elvis Presley

The last song I’m going to mention is a classic, and (in my opinion) I’m saving the best of this list for last. This is an iconic love song that’s been redone countless times by various artists and has probably been used in more weddings than I can count. But, it’s popularity doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a beautiful song with an endearing sentiment. Playing this song for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day will almost guarantee brownie points in your favor.