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Sweater Season’s Coming, Are You Ready?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elizabethtown chapter.

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us again with fall and winter right at our doorstep: sweater season. Who does not want to cuddle up in a fuzzy sweater and watch Halloween/Christmas movies once the first leaf drops? I am a very proud sweater mom and enjoy rocking my sweater game all fall and winter long. However, in my mind, the price of a sweater can be crazy, and I am a lover of getting the best deal and/or a good coupon so that I can keep money in my pockets and still be cozy. I am very excited to share some great websites and stores, where you can get the best deals for your sweater essentials.

With the rise of the technological age, it is easier than ever to find a good coupon, and find it right on the spot. I often use apps like “Retail Me Not” or “Ebates” when I go shopping with friends and family, or when I am shopping alone online. It has gotten to the point where my mom will say “Kaylyn do you have any coupons for this” because she knows I usually do. Also, it is so easy to set them up on your phone or computer browser, and it will send you an alert when it finds you a good deal. Therefore, I rarely put in any work anymore for some price drop, although sometimes I still struggle because stores do not put out a ton of coupons, but they still have great deals. Every once in a while, I catch a nugget and it is usually on apps like these, and I will take what I can get.

Besides using coupons and coupon apps, there are plenty of discount and second-hand stores that provide sweaters for good prices. I love stores like Goodwill, T.J Maxx, and Marshalls because they give me the comfort I seek for a good price. Goodwill is the cheapest by far because it is a donation store and they sell second hand goods. Sometimes, if you are really lucky, you’ll even find a decent sweater from a name brand with the tag still on it! Goodwill is my first stop for my “granny” styled sweaters, which are the biggest and comfiest sweaters I can find, for usually around five dollars. There tends to be a large selection of these types of sweaters at Goodwill; however there aren’t too many sweaters that will appeal to the trendy younger population, soor my more “fashion forward” sweaters I end up at T.J Maxx or Marshalls. I can find brands like “American Eagle” or “Hollister” for around fifty percent cheaper than at their original stores. Besides shopping I can also style sweaters to look like a million bucks.

When I wear a sweater, I like to make it fashionable and cute so that I feel confident and cozy at the same time. I often wear my sweaters with leggings and boots, because that is how I feel the best, and most comfortable. I own a pink sweater from the brand “Blue Spice” with a corset type lacing in the back. I like to pair this sweater with black leggings, and chestnut colored over the knee boots. I also own a white sweater from the same brand that I pair with dark jeans rolled up a little bit, and black booties. One last look I will share is a light blue sweater from Goodwill, unfortunately without a tag, where I pair it with leggings and navy blue off-brand converse. I am a huge fan of all three of these looks, and besides hoodies you will see me in sweaters all fall and winter long. I am so excited to start the fall season; however, I absolutely dread the winter! I hope you can use some of these tips to get your fall or winter sweaters on a budget!


Kaylyn Gordon

Elizabethtown '21

Hello, my name is Kaylyn and I am a student at Elizabethtown College studying Environmental Science.
Rebecca Easton

Elizabethtown '19

Rebecca Easton is a senior at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. She is currently studying English with a concentration in professional writing, and is pursuing a double minor in communications and business administration. Her primary interests in these fields include social media marketing, web writing and creative writing. She currently works for the Elizabethtown College Center for Student Success as a writing tutor, for Admissions as a tour guide and for the Office of Marketing and Communications. In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys writing, singing, and reading.