Ode to Masturbation

Everything about the topic I am going to breach is awkward. And it is awful that sexual health has to be that way. It is especially hard for women. There is a stigma that sexually active women are dirty and impure. This impurity stems from biblical beliefs and the idea that women are apparently different than men. But the thing is girls have needs, and they need to be fulfilled. So this stigma needs to be gotten rid of.


When discussing matters such as masturbation it can cause anyone to clam up. This is a negative stigma applied to a natural and beneficiary practice. To men, it's a normal habit, but women are expected to not be curious. We are expected to not want to orgasm but that’s bull. Thankfully these days women are becoming more and more comfortable with their sexuality. Women are able to be more free with their sexuality but sex is not the only way to satisfy a woman. But I know for a fact if anyone was like me as a freshman masturbation was weird. I would like ew gross. Of course, now I am older and wiser and I think very differently.


I grew up in a small town where sex was a taboo. Masturbation was something nobody ever even discussed when it came to a woman. So it wasn't anything I ever thought about. In college, though I got more curious. I was a new free individual and I wanted an orgasm. As much as I am embarrassed to admit. I was a virgin, sex was a taboo but I knew I needed to do some soul searching. And by that I mean have an orgasm. How was to know I could even have one!


So, then I found myself in a sex store. Now newbies maybe you should not buy your first vibrator from a sex store, mostly because it is scary. I was internally dying. I picked the first thing, the least threatening thing and small pink bullet. Now I’ve moved on to other things but that’s a whole new article. I feel as if exploring online would be a much better option if you intend to shop for a vibrator. Mostly due to the hilarious reviews.  It is very important in my opinion to work up to masturbation with a vibrator. Start with fingers, and then slowly become more adventurous.


I think this helped me become, as a man put it a “sexually liberated woman”. Which is very weird to truly think about. But again that isn’t a bad thing. It is about knowing what you want, what you like and enjoy yourself. But, if that is not convincing masturbation also has medical benefits! 


Other than the fact it feels good, there are benefits of Masturbating. It relieves stress, and trust me as a college girl stress is everywhere. There is science behind this too it isn't just some hearsay. An orgasm releases feel-good endorphins and in general, relaxes the whole body. It can also help with sleeping, an orgasm can release tension and therefore you can have amazing sleep. All these things in my opinion just make it more appealing. And I would like to supply; out of experience, it does help with stress. It is a moment to release all tension from your body.