Netflix Gems to Binge

Whether you have heard of them or not, here are four shows on Netflix that I think are underrated and everyone should give a try.


Anne With An “E”

Anne With An “E” is the perfect mix of romance, coming of age, historical context, and social justice. Anne is a Canadian made tv show based on the beloved Anne of Green Gables book series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. We follow Anne Shirley as she navigates friendship, identity, and romance while fighting for causes such as LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, indigenous peoples rights, adoption stigma, black rights, and freedom of speech. Anne’s character is lovable even when she makes mistakes as she learns from them and grows as a person. Anne’s friendship with Diana is also one of the most healthy and wholesome female friendships I’ve seen on tv. The show is worth watching just for the social justice topics covered in its short three seasons, but it also has one of the best tv romances in my opinion. Gilbert Blythe is definitely at the top my best fictional boyfriends list. The chemistry between the cast and the beautiful Canadian scenery really brings the story to life and makes for a captivating and whimsical show.


On My Block

On My Block has grown in popularity since its initial release on Netflix in March of 2018, but I think it needs way more recognition than it has. On My Block follows four friends, Monse, Cesar, Jamal, and Ruby, as they navigate friendship, growing up, and the harsh reality of living in gang run territories. Besides the main plot line, there are other sub-plot lines that are incredibly unique that make the show different than any other on tv right now. Honestly, Jamal is probably my favorite character because he has the most interesting and odd sub-plot, not to mention he’s incredibly funny. The whole show’s dynamic is amusing, slightly absurd, extremely sad, and real at the same time. The first two seasons end on cliffhangers and fans of the show are highly anticipating the third season’s drop sometime this spring.   


Love O2O

Love O2O is a Chinese romance following two computer science majors, Bei Weiwei and Xiao Nai, with a passion for video games. When Weiwei’s online husband dumps her, Xiao Nai steps in and proposes a marriage between their online personas to complete a couple’s competition within the game. Over time, they fall in love through the game, but Weiwei has no idea that her online husband is actually a very gifted, popular, and handsome student. This is one of my favorite dramas on Netflix as the romance feels very natural and the plot is interesting and not  over the top. I love that the two main characters both are extremely talented in their fields and passions. Love O2O is heartwarming, charming, and entertaining; perfect for a late night binge.


Meteor Garden (2018)

Meteor Garden is a modern Chinese reboot of the 2001 Taiwanese classic of the same name. After the major success of the 2009 South Korean hit Boys Over Flowers, the Meteor Garden story got put back on the market for the younger generation to enjoy. All three shows tell the same story with slight variations to fit the era, fanbase, and country’s culture. The plot follows Dong Shan Cai as she secures her place amongst her new, wealthy classmates and finds herself in a love triangle with the notorious Dao Ming Si and the contemplative Huaze Lei. Shan Cai must figure out what’s most important to her while going through multiple trials and tribulations. While both  Boys OverFlowers and Meteor Garden (2018) are worth watching in their own rights, if you only have time for one or aren’t interested in watching the same plot twice, I would highly suggest the 2018 version of Meteor Garden. The chemistry between the characters is unparalleled and it has a freshness to it that’s to die for.