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Anne With An E (Netflix)

This is probably my favorite show of all time and for good reason. Anne With An E is a  wholesome coming of age story that absolutely radiates autumnal energy. The combination of the picturesque Prince Edward Island and endearing cast of iconic characters written by L.M. Montgomery makes for a feel good show that can be binged rather quickly. It’s three seasons of a period drama that doesn’t have the same stuffy plot or ideals that other novel adaptations from that time might. Anne With An E delves into topics like sexism, racism, homophobia, and adoption. While all of these topics were relevant even in the early twentieth century, they aren’t frequently talked about in representations of the time. The show is perfect for all ages, as anyone can get something impactful out of the story and Anne’s journey. And the *extremely* slow burn romance between Anne and Gilbert is reason enough to get started watching immediately. 


Julie and The Phantoms (Netflix)

I have to admit, when I first saw the ad for this on Netflix, I thought it would be another juvenile and fluffy show. But, I’m glad I took a chance on it. Don’t get me wrong, it does have its fair share of sweet adolescence, but there are certain moments that had me shedding a tear or two. And not to mention the overarching storyline is quite sad, though it’s never really addressed. Three ghosts from a 1995 rock band have been “summoned” to 16 year old Julie’s house when she plays their cd. They couldn’t have come at a better time as Julie hasn’t been able to play music or sing since her mom passed away. Together, Julie and the guys help each other realize their dreams. Once you get past the cheesiness, the characters, storyline and music are to die for. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Julie and lead guitarist Luke have some major chemistry. 


A Discovery of Witches (via Amazon Prime)

The free trial needed to watch this show through Amazon prime is totally worth it. Dark academia meets paranormal romance where Dr. Diana Bishop is faced with her witchy powers when an important book calls out to her in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. A Discovery of Witches has been described as a grown up Twilight with a twist. The mysterious atmosphere that the various settings of England, France, and upstate New York are enticing and intriguing. I binged all of season one in a day and I’m eagerly anticipating season two.


Reign (Netflix)

The story of Mary Queen of Scots is an interesting one that develops and plays out well in Reign. Europe’s tumultuous history is displayed in this four season, period drama filled to the brim with court politics, alustrious romances and, of course, amazing costumes (though probably not very accurate). There is immense tension and distrust throughout the entirety of the series up until the final scenes which make all of the heartbreak and turmoil worth it, in my opinion. The mood of this drama just screams autumn to me and would be perfect to watch in front of a roaring fire with a mug of something warm. 


Supernatural (Netflix)

Supernatural is probably one of the most well-known and well-regarded action/horror shows on the air. There is so much content to dig your teeth into, it’s perfect to space out over the entire fall season. While this isn’t as much of a feel-good, warm and fuzzy type of show, Supernatural brings a sort of deeper level to terror and horror. Two brothers getting caught up in fighting monsters externally and internally, and it doesn’t hurt that Sam and Dean are catnip for anyone who enjoys a bad boy with a heart of gold. As Supernatural’s fifteenth and final season is about to conclude, this is the perfect time to feast on the whole series.

Lauren Robitaille

Elizabethtown '22

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