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E-town’s Social Media Needs

We check our phones before we get out of bed in the morning. Everyday, our generation spends hours scrolling through social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and multiple other apps of our choice. Thankfully, Elizabethtown College has a great amount of social media pages that are always helpful for following what is happening around campus and fun events in the near future!

Official College Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Pages

The college’s social media pages are an extremely helpful source of information regarding upcoming events and to know what’s going on around campus at the moment. These posts can be relating to events such as our Leffler Lecture in the fall, our E-motion showcasing, sporting events, Into the Streets, and so much more. While there are more pages relating to the college, like certain clubs or groups, these are the specific pages that are titled “Elizabethtown College”.

Residence Life’s Instagram Page

Residence Life is a major part of E-town, from our RA’s, to rooming situations, to dorm life experiences. Using their instagram, you can stay up to date on all activities that are being hosted on campus for specific dorms, or for the college community in general, and for ideas that might be put in place in the upcoming years. For example, this past year, the instagram featured events run by each of the RAs, including their activities for their floors or dorm buildings. The page also featured photos of new furniture options for the dorms in the upcoming year. We as students were able to comment on our favorites or visit the furniture and cast our votes that way.

Class Social Media Pages

While some classes don’t have an Instagram set-up through their class council, most do! The pages show off the great events each class is responsible for each semester, the council members you have helped elect into office, and fun events the Student Council is hosting. You will get updates throughout an event and tabling through their Instagram posts and stories that you can see by following the groups. To see if your class has an instagram, go into the search bar on Instagram and type in “Class of” and your year. Typically they won’t be started until the student council members for the class have been elected, but it never hurts to try and find one in the meantime, or follow the other cohorts on their adventures through Elizabethtown!

Club Social Media Pages

Most clubs on campus will have a page that you can follow and like on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Following clubs you’re not in is a great way to hear about the details about their events, like ticket sales, tabling locations and hours, competitions, and more. And if you join clubs yourself, you’ll be able to be featured in their social media posts, so encourage your friends to follow your club to see your lovely face in posts. Letting students be featured on pages is one of the many ways social media helps strengthen our E-town community.

E-town Jays App

By now you’ve probably dabbled in this new app, but in case you haven’t used all the functions yet, here are some of them. The app has helpful resources, like the Marketplace menu, the campus map, a lost and found feature for items, and so much more. Specifically for following pages, you can add groups to your profile. The groups vary from clubs, to Residence Halls, and graduating class. Joining groups means you get notified when someone posts something, which is helpful cause not all other social media platforms notify you.

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