Being a Procrastination Queen, and My Advice to You

Midterms are around the corner, which is crazy, considering school feels as if it has only just begun. It’s time for the procrastinators of the world to come together the night before every exam and study their darn hardest they ever have. To show that they aren't a slacker student and that they have learned something from the first half of the semester. So, here are some ways to help, and ways that are not so helpful.

I’m the type of girl to write this about five hours before the due date, because I am the Queen of Procrastination. I know this is ridiculously unhealthy, especially considering I’m in college and I have a crap-ton of work I must do. But, all things considered, I haven’t failed yet.  So, I try hard to put forth a good 1/3 of my potential into everything I do, and this is how. For some odd reason I thrive in stress, like the idea of stress gives me anxiety, but when I’m put in a stressful situation situation sometimes I do my best work. Other times, no so much. This article is a “how to not be me”. It’s simple don’t procrastinate, but I know for a fact I’m not the only person who does this. SO here are some tips for you if you do procrastinate.

  1. Do it at least an hour before

Leave yourself an hour between the due time for when it’s done, this gives you a good amount of time to poorly edit, and makes sure the Easybib citations look pretty much correct.

  1. Citations Machines:

Citation Machines are usually frowned upon in the world of college but a helpful tool for people like me who suck at time management or are just too afraid to do homework, so they don’t. is good for MLA, and if you need to do APA citations!

  1. Think about it:

Even if you aren’t actively doing your assignment, I always find it helpful to dwell on how good I could be doing, to make me feel motivated while actually completing the assignment.

  1. Write it down:

Cause if you write it down, you know you must accomplish it! It makes you feel obligated to cross it off the list with those pretty markers you bought but never use.

  1. Now actually do the assignment:

Of course, make sure there are plenty of distractions along for the ride to make this an even more tedious process!

But in all seriousness, I know doing homework is hard and I have one way that really helps me sit down and focus. I must make a playlist of fun (but not too fun!) songs. If the music is too distracting, then I just sing, and, well, I can’t be doing that. I find using headphones the best to zone out of the real world and into the essay.

It’s best to just focus on your work and time yourself work for a half hour, then get a five-minute break. (Ten minutes is too long, because then you find other things to do). Put the phone away. I know this is a hard one, but it is best put the phone on the charger and ignore it for a half hour. Get comfy, but not too comfy, because if you’re too comfy you’ll fall asleep. It’s kind of like the goldilocks effect, and everyone must find their “just right” to get on track. It’s tons of trial and error.

But school is hard, and having a procrastinating tendency makes everything slightly more stressful. But, the best advice I must give anyone who is still listening to this non-helpful rant is to just find your way. You know who you are, and what works for you to get everything in working order. It might take some time, but in the end, you get the assignment accomplished, and that’s all that truly matters in life, cause hey, truth is I’ll probably be in the same boat on every assignment no matter how interested I am in getting it done. It’s just who I am.

So, I want to give best regards to the people like me and say you can do it!