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​11 Things to Always Remember While Traveling

No matter if you are traveling near or far, it is important to know what you will need for your trip. These items can be large or small, but the fact of the matter is we all know that if something is missing, it can cause a moment of panic. Use the list below to help you pack the next time you decide to travel somewhere.

As someone who tries to frequently travel, I have learned a few things about traveling do’s and don’ts. I have also learned what you should never forget on a trip, typically when I am traveling out of the country; however, many of the items listed below can be used on trips in the states as well.

1. Charger – Port and All

It is important to remember not just your charging cord, but also the charging port. Not everywhere will have a simple USB plug, so having your port and possibly an extra is never a bad idea. If you are traveling abroad, remember to bring an outlet adapter. These can be found at local stores and will typically very based on the location (Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.), so make sure to do your research beforehand.

2. Portable Charger – For On the Go

A portable charger can be your best friend while you are traveling and using your phone for photos and videos of your adventures. Just make sure to charge it the night before. In this case, you also want to make sure that you have a port to charge. Most of the times you can charge the portable charger with the same port used to charge your phone, which can be super helpful.

3. Makeup and Baby Wipes – To Feel Clean

Makeup wipes are a must for girls on the go who are exploring because whether you decide to wear makeup or not, it can be used to help clear the sunscreen off your face after a long day at the beach. Baby wipes are also great because if you are out exploring and need to freshen up a bit, or even just need to clean your hands before eating out, they are super helpful. If you don’t feel like carrying around baby wipes, another option are the  PocketBac hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. These are super cheap and also super cute!

4. Extra Hair Bands – For When Your Hair Goes Wild!

We all know that at the exact moment we need a hair tie, it breaks or disappears. So why not carry around a small plastic baggy or old pill container with some extra hair ties and bobby pins? It helps save space and also makes sure that you have a handy backup.

5. Sunscreen – For Protection

Who actually enjoys coming home from an awesome trip during the spring or summer completely burnt? No one? I thought so. Remember to pack a small bottle of sunscreen and face protectant for your trip to avoid unwanted burns. Just also remember to have these bottles in your luggage in case you are flying so they won’t be thrown out at security.

6. Advil, Tums and Tylenol – Your Own Pharmacy

Headaches, cramps, or unwanted pain can be an actual pain in your trip. To avoid having these for long periods of time, remember to bring some advil and tylenol to help with the body aches and headaches, and tums to help with any cramps or stomaches you might have from food. It is never a bad idea to come prepared.

7. Bandaids – You Have a Pharmacy, but What About These?

Sounds silly, but blisters are never fun on a trip. Bring bandaids to put on your ankles to avoid (or help) with unwanted blisters or for when an unplanned fall happens. Again, use a small plastic bag to keep them together and easily contained in your purse or backpack so they are easy to find.

8. Headphones – For Some Me Time

Headphones are great because they block out noise. Bring them with to give you some you time with your music for when you are back in your hotel, or have time to relax. One way that I have found to keep my headphones from tangling in my backpack and purse is by wrapping them up and putting them inside of an old pill container. It fits perfectly and helps to avoid the mess of untangling them when you need them the most.

9. Your Passport – It’s Kind of Important

Your passport is only necessary for international travels, but make sure that you have one. Also, make sure that if you DO have one before your trip, that it follows the expiration date guidelines. Some places will not let you enter the country if your passport expires within 6 months. Make sure to do the research.

10. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss and a Hairbrush – The Necessities

It sounds funny to mention these, but the times I have forgotten my toothbrush, toothpaste or even a hairbrush is insane. Make sure that these are packed in your purse, carry on or whatever item will be kept with you during the whole time you travel. While you might not need your hairbrush while you are out and about, you can never go wrong with a toothbrush, toothpaste and some floss for after a nice dinner out.

11. Yourself – How Could I Forget?!

Don’t forget to bring yourself on this trip! Don’t get too caught up in what you need and don’t need, in the plans and following a schedule, in the weather changes or in the stressful new environment that is exciting for some and nerve-wracking for others. Just take deep breaths, lots of pictures and enjoy yourself because you never know when you will be able to go back again.

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