Real Live College Guy Jon: From Friendship to Flirtationship

Dear Jon,

I have a lot of guy friends and am worried that they all just think of me as a lad. The problem is, I have feelings for one of them. How do I change their opinion of me?

Sincerely, Flirting Not FIFA

Telling it like it is since 1993.


Hey Flirting Not FIFA,

This situation is a bit of a double-edged sword! Being friends with so many guys could actually be one of the main reasons a guy you like might be into you in the first place.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of guy friends and liking the same stuff that guys do; it’s actually really attractive thing that you want to stay and watch sport. Being able to down a pint and be completely open with guys is quite refreshing, and the solution is letting them know you’re into one of them by “upping the flirting” a little bit!

Guys aren’t great at picking up on hints, so don’t be afraid to drop physical hints, make an effort or open up about your emotions a little when you’re alone with him. Despite the shocking reputation guys have about getting in touch with their emotions, letting him know you’re “looking for someone” will make him think about whether he’d date you. If he doesn’t pick up on that, he’s too thick and probably doesn’t deserve the chance anyway. Don’t be afraid to explore a bit of flirty banter though. Guys love it!

J x