Combat Exam Stress and Blitz That Body!

We all know that exercise does our body good, but during the exam period, we are usually too busy to fit it into our day. However, a little exercise can go a long way towards stress management! This week we recommend you get yourself down to our new favourite class at the Edinburgh University CSE, Body Blitz. Body Blitz is a fun form of resistance-training which focuses on low-level weights but high-repetition volume, helping you to create a fit body without building too much bulk. 

Attending a class such as Body Blitz regularly will not only alleviate stress, but it will also contribute to your overall health and well-being. This will help you remain calm and clear in everything you do, giving you the power to ace those summer exams!

For a Body Blitz class, make sure that you turn up approximately five to ten minutes early. You will need time to set up your equipment including a bench, steps, a mat, a barbell and weights. It is very important to exercise safely. Good posture is the key so always keep your knees slightly bent and perform the movements smoothly, in fluid motions. 

Your instructor will give you guidance on this, performing in depth demonstrations before each section. Wear comfortable work out clothes and make sure you bring a bottle of water- you will need it!

The class begins with a warm up which will work all the muscles in your body. Then focusing on each of the major muscle groups, you will start working involving all the important muscles to tone your legs, chest, arms, shoulders, back and abs. Lastly, you will be guided through a warm down to stretch your muscles. Each muscle group will be devoted to specific music, chosen to motivate you and push you through the class with maximum effect. Some examples off the latest body blitz soundtrack include ‘Let it Roll’-Flo Rida and ‘Uprising’-Muse.

The main feature of body blitz is the ‘repetition effect’. This is a breakthrough in resistance training and is proven to deliver a total body transformation by focusing on exhausting your muscles with light to moderate weights and performing high repetitions in a single workout. In one class, you will probably perform around 800 repetitions. 

Choreographed sequences in each of the target areas are specifically designed so you will burn more calories and achieve muscle fatigue to build strength without building bulk. 

Another core feature of body blitz is the fact that it is a group workout. This is key as it provides the support and confidence to keep every girl motivated! Push yourself just a little bit more! In addition, you are more likely to stay interested because of the social atmosphere and fun environment.

Two days after this class you will definitely feel the burn! You might struggle to get up the stairs but don’t worry, it will get easier. In this class progression is gradual, so it is important not to overdo it with the weights. Start steadily, and then increase your weights after six weeks. It is also vital to rest for at least one day between classes: your body needs recovery time between workouts.

After a class, you'll often find that you've blocked out the day's concerns or worries and concentrated only on your body's movements. By regularly shedding your daily tensions through movement and physical activity over the exam period, you’ll increase your productivity at the library and look mighty fine in no time!

Sign up for Body Blitz classes online at the Edinburgh University CSE website!


Body Blitz Class Timetable:

Monday: 18.50-19.35

Tuesday: 12.10-12.55

Wednesday: 18.20-19.05

Friday: 17.20- 18.05