3 Steps to Sorting Your Stuff in Edinburgh Over the Summer

Students, take note. With the last week of exams upon us, it’s time again to figure out what to do with all of the Pukka Pads filled with notes, Edinburgh Bargain Store home-furnishings and Armstrong’s impulse buys that accumulate with every year spent in Edinburgh. Our guide will walk you through storing your stuff, step-by-step!


Sort everything into “Throw Away”, “Give Away/Charity”, “Sell”, “Store” and “Pack”. Accordingly, throw away, give away (to Charity shops, friends or the EUSA/People and Planet "Freshers' Free Shop) and sell (online at Amazon, Ebay or GumTree, and https://edexchange.co.uk for books only). Remember to wash or dry-clean all clothes and linens that will be stored over the summer! Also, type an inventory of your storage: it could be a life-saver when you’re rummaging for an elusive outlet converter months later (International students know what I’m talking about).


Ask around which of your mates have flats through the summer- chances are, someone you know has an empty box-room or is unlucky enough to have leases that overlap with one another. It’s a win-win if you’re storing something that they can use over the summer, but it’s always nice to give them a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates to say thank you afterwards.

Alternatively, Use Flexistore or another professional storage company. The advantages of this are that your stuff is insured in addition to not being prone to life in a student flat, and you don’t have to worry about dropping off or picking up. Prices can rack up from initial costs alone, so it can be worth looking into sharing storage with a future flat-mate or a friend.


As tempting as it might be, don’t use vacuum sealing bags to fit more into your luggage. You might regret it when it comes time to weigh them in the airport! Roll your clothes rather than folding them to increase visibility and prevent wrinkles. As a rule of thumb, always have a toothbrush, change of underwear and fleece vest or sweatshirt (to wear, or roll up and use as a pillow) in your carry on in case of delays or lost luggage. And always, always, always weigh your luggage before that dreaded moment at the check-in counter... or you might end up piling on the jumpers like HC Edinburgh contributor (and RyanAir victim) Naomi Dewes!

Photo Credit: Clemie Lampard