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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECU chapter.

I’ve been seeing a lot of things saying that your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t have to post you all over their social media to show that they care about you. And to an extent they’re right. A relationship CANNOT be built on likes, retweets, or shares. I want to make it explicitly clear that is in no way what I am suggesting. What I am saying, though, is that you and your SO are serious, and love each other, they should want to show you off.

Okay, now stay with me. If your SO doesn’t have social media, then obviously he’s not going to post a picture or whatever about you. But if they have social media, and they are active on it, people should at least be able to look at their profile and tell they are in a relationship. Whether it’s a picture of the two of you, or just a tweet of appreciation, there should be some sign that they’re off the market.

New relationships are different. If you’ve only been together a few weeks then you probably haven’t ammased enough pictures together to make it worthwhile posting one. Better yet, you might not even be together in another week. You could find out they snore or eat their toenails (which if that’s something your in to, more power to you). The point is, if you just started dating don’t over stress about the fact that they haven’t posted about you. Odds are, their friends might not even know yet.

On the other hand, if you’ve been dating 3 months, there should be at least one picture or reference to you somewhere. It shouldn’t be jarring if they post a happy six month post, because people will know you two have been together.

Look, I’m not saying drop the person that hasn’t posted about you, that would be ridiculous. But maybe you should ask them about it. Maybe you didn’t realize that they were as private as they are, or maybe they don’t like the way they look in pictures. Whatever the reason, communication is key. Don’t get stressed and defensive. Just simply talk to them. I just think that if they like you enough to date you, they should like you enough to show you off.