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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECU chapter.

Yesterday, with sore fingers (from hand-writing 20 pages for an exam), I turned in my last final for the Fall semester 2016. It was a rough road to get here but we did it! We made it to the end of the semester, and even though I didn’t think I would be able to make it here, I somehow managed it. Now that Winter break is here we can all finally sit back and not think about writing that paper you forgot about, or working on a group project for a presentation. We can finally relax.

This semester felt so long, and I felt like it was the most difficult semester I have had yet. The work seemed harder than it used to, but the people that I met and made friends with definitely helped me get through the tough semester. I’m happy to finally be going home to home-cooked meals and to see my cat. But the best thing about finals being over is that it happens right around the holidays, so as soon as you’re done with your tests you can just blink and there you are eating food and celebrating with your family. I am so excited to finally sit back and read a book that’s not for a class because for some reason it’s always more fun to read when I’m not being forced, or I don’t have to read for a reason that isn’t because I want to.

I know that you are all as relieved as I am to sit around at your parent’s house, your own house, or your apartment and not think about math or english as if your grade depends on it. I know I am. I think it’s important to enjoy this Winter break and do something that brings you joy. Read a book, go fishing, binge watch Gilmore Girls, but just do something that will help you re-energize after this long semester.

Even though this semester was more difficult than the past ones, it was definitely more rewarding, but I still think that we could all use a little break! Time to sit with my book by the fire and read until I make it to the end. Happy Holidays, enjoy the break!

I am currently a junior at ECU, majoring in Secondary English Education. I really just like to read and write.