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Why You Should Actually Have an Opinion on Politics

There is always that one person who when asked where they fall politically, they will say “oh, I just don’t get into politics, they’re too messy and controversial”. Half of me completely understands why they do this. Right now is an incredibly divisive time for politics in America to the point where people stop being friends over their political ties. It is honestly a lot to keep up with, considering all the different topics being argued over and new information being put out every single day.



America was started out with the idea that “every man is created equal”, meaning everyone’s opinions are valid and are worth the same as the person next to them. That is an amazing thing we fought hard to obtain, and that we still fight hard for to keep. Many countries have fought even harder to get less of the freedom than we do. Therefore, it is your civic duty to stay aware of what is going on in your country and raise your voice against anything you don’t like. The fact that only 59.7% of eligible voters voted in the last presidential election (https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/voter-turnout-2016/ ) is sad. How are we going to know what the entirety of the country wants if not enough people speak up? How is anything going to happen when only half of the country shows up? If you went to a school that did makeup days on Saturdays, you know exactly how pointless they are. If not, these make up days were truly a waste of a saturday because 98% of the time less than half of the class showed up, the teacher didn’t want half of the class to be ahead of the other, and no work was done.


To make any real change, we need numbers.


There are so many issues that need urgent attention and support. Racism is still alive and well, people are dying from lack of healthcare, some places in Puerto Rico went 3 months without power and running water. Women are being shamed for standing up for themselves against sexual assault, we are slowly and surely killing our natural world, the list goes on and on. You don’t have to be an expert on every single hot topic of today, but choose a couple that you are passionate about and fight for them. Fight hard.


Stay updated, stay current, stay outspoken. Vote. Not just in the Presidential elections, but at every other level of government. These officials are the ones gaining experience to be President one day. Go to rallies, send your representatives letters, sign petitions, you have a voice that will be heard.


If you’re not sure where you are on the political scale (surprise surprise, there are actually more than 2 parties!!! amazing!!!), then these quizzes can help you get started.






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