Why Halloweentown Should be Showed on 13 Nights of Halloween

Halloweentown is hands down the best Halloween movie to ever be made. In fact the whole series of films are staples for my Halloween for as long as I can remember. As a child my mother and I would watch them together like our own special Halloween ritual. However, as an adult I find it very hard to catch this movie on Disney channel since they really show any of their classic D-COM's (where you at Thirteenth Year??). I'm not calling out Disney because, well, it's Disney. Disney does own Freeform though. So why exactly isn't Halloweentown being showed in the 13 Nights of Halloween?

Don't get me wrong, their line-up is great! But let's be real, how many times do they need to show the Adma's Family duology? It's on Netflix! All I'm suggesting is you replace one knight of Adam's Family, with a night of Halloweentown. I promise you wouldn't regret this decison.

You could even make it a D-COM night! Show all the Halloweentown movies and both Twitches, and if you could find the time maybe even the Little Vampire!

Freeform, I'm begging, please consider giving me a night full of my childhoos favorites. I know this is the right move for you guys.