When Home Doesn't Feel like Home

Winter break! The idea of coming home and having a home cooked meal waiting on you was probably one of the things keeping you going during the hell that was finals season, am I right? All you wanted was to just go home and cuddle up in your all familiar bed with your dog and your family so that all would be right in the world.

And then you got home.

Your room seems different even though nothing has changed. You’re living out of your own suitcase in your own room. Everything is just a little bit different to the point where you don’t really feel like this is the place you left.

And you know what? That is a GOOD thing.

You had a life you lived under your parents roof, going to the schools you were districted to, eating at the same chick-fil-a for 10 years. You could probably give someone directions blindfolded in the passenger seat because you’ve driven down every road a hundred times. It did provide you with a great basis to grow up, and make sure to be thankful for all the memories you have there. But, after spending the first half of a year by yourself in your entire life SHOULD change you. Some changes could be good, like you can now wake up on your own and manage a busy academic schedule without your parents helping you. Maybe you developed some social skills that haven't happened before because now you can go to anything you want without needing someone's permission. Some changes could be bad, like eating as much of whatever you want and not having someone to talk to for advice directly there. Maybe you learned that the way you thought you managed your time actually is not good for your academics. Either way, these changes are going to help you become the person you will be as an independent adult. That might make you feel a little distant from your childhood. Maybe independent adult you has some different views than your parents. Maybe that makes things a little awkward sometimes. But guess what? That is 110% ok.

You’re growing.The person you are at this point last year is not the same person you are now, and the person you are now will not be the same person you will be in a year. Let yourself evolve, accept the change. It’s ok if home doesn’t really feel like home anymore. Home is a different thing to just about every single person, but a general definition is that home is where you feel most comfortable, most at peace with yourself. It’s ok if that place is starting to drift away from being your home with your parents and more towards your apartment 2 hours away.

Allow yourself to grow. It will be the best new years resolution you have ever made.