What you want in your bag at ECU

As someone who forgets things all the time, let me save you the trip back up to your dorm by providing a comprehensive list of what I think you cannot survive ECU without:


1 card

Want to get food, go to the gym, pick up mail, get some coffee, buy groceries, check into the math cave, check out a book, make an appointment with student health, or pretty much anything else on campus? 1 card.


Keys and fob

This might seem obvious, but really make sure you have both your keys and your fob. In Gateway, you need your fob for the elevator on top of to get into the building from any of the entrances.



Everyone Carries Umbrella’s should truly be the name of ECU. You know how in disney it rains everyday for a solid 10 minutes and then everyone goes on with their day? Sometimes we get that blessing of the heavy rain being only 10 minutes, and other times it pours for the rest of the afternoon.


Math workbook

So, if you are taking a math class at ECU (which you probably will at some point), you will most likely be required to check into the math cave. This is a huge computer lab in the basement that some math classes require you to go to do take your quizzes and tests. The class textbook is a binder that is given you and you are required to have it to check in.  I forgot it in my dorm and only had so much time in my day to do my quiz, so I had to sprint to my dorm halfway across campus and back within 30 minutes. I was S.W.E.A.T.I.N.G. the WORST experience I have had by far. Just keep it in your bag at all times, it makes it so much easier



Walking around campus with earbuds in will help your confidence I SWEAR. Plus sometimes the people next to you in the library are being a little too loud. I would recommend having a big set of headphones for deep studying and some earbuds to walk around campus with.


Laptop and phone charger

There are a bunch of places in the library to charge your stuff, plus you’ll probably be there for hours on end so might as well charge it while you’re studying your life away! You’ll be so =thankful you have it when you open your laptop during class after a night of netflix bingeing to realize you forgot to charge it and have a solid 20%.


A BIG water bottle

I capitalized big for a reason. Instead of having to buy a water or be tempted to buy a soda from mendenhall, I know I have ample water to suffice. It has saved me money and keeps me hydrated!!



The worst moment is when you are sweating from walking around campus and realize you don't have a hair tie!! Or sometimes it's so windy you can't walk a step without needing to fix your hair. This is kind of girl code, but also just a really good habit to develop.



Walking all the way up to the dorm is only going to increase your already pounding headache, dont make it worse!!