Things the new school year means to Pirates


With the beginning of the new school year means the beginning of a new football season. ECU students and alumni alike come together to celebrate good ol' EC at tailgates and football games

2. Greenville is getting ready to be the place to be

There is no place more for fun than Greenville the first weekend ECU gets back to school! No matter what you decide to do, there are so many fun things to choose from!

3. All your friends are back in one location

It's so convenient when you come back to school and the 3 people you like to hangout with are in the same town and withing minutes of hangout with you!

4. There's nothing truer than the Purple and Gold

There is no place that does it better than Greenville. Greenville eat, breathes, and sleeps ECU, and it's always nice to come back to a community that loves your school as much as you do.