Smash Waffles: Greenville's New Waffle Delivery Service

As college students, we’ve mastered the ability to do the most we possibly can, with the least amount of effort. Laziness is not a flaw in our world, it’s what brings us things like SparkNotes, Quizlet, Dry Shampoo, and the idea that Netflix and Chill is romantic, but more importantly now it can bring us waffles. Ordered online and brought right to our door. Hunter Harrison, Waffle’s Biggest Fanboi, and Justin Cox, Waffle’s Biggest Hero, are gracing the productively lazy college students of Greenville with the presence of a new Waffle Delivery Service: Smash Waffles. Breakfast in bed just got real.

HC: What inspired the idea for your new business? Why waffles?

Team Smash: Well, in our opinion, everyone loves waffles...they just may not know it yet. Ha. Seriously though, we've been big waffle fans for a long time, and we just wanted to share our crazy waffle love with everyone else.  

HC: Where are you located?

Team Smash: We are currently using a private commercial kitchen and serving waffles by delivery and catering only. Location coming soon.  

HC: How long have you been up and running? Are you hiring?

Team Smash: We’re actually still in 'soft launch' mode, believe it or not. We started doing market testing on Sunday December 4th by giving out some free waffles, and unexpectedly order requests started pouring in later that day. We're trying our best to keep up with demand, so YES - we may be hiring in the near future.  

HC: Will you be offering student discounts?

Team Smash: Yes, we will be offering student discounts. By the spring semester our online order system should be fully up and running to support discount codes and coupons.  

HC: What did you do before you opened Smash Waffles?

Team Smash: Justin was in banking as a local Business Banker. I'm a marketer that has worked with dozens of global brands on social media marketing strategies ( for more info there) I've also launched a few other products...the most recent being a Snapchat discovery app called GhostCodes. BUT, before that - I was also in banking.

It's funny, with our banking background - we often joke that the last business we'd ever recommend starting is a food service / restaurant. There's a 93% failure rate. But, we thrive on being we like those odds.

 HC: What inspires the flavors?

Team Smash: We’re two pretty unique personalities, so all our waffle flavors are inspired by food combinations that we dreamed up in our crazy heads. Our creative process goes something like this: "Would that taste good in a waffle?"...and the answer is typically an astounding "YES!"  

HC: Do you plan to add more in the future? Is there a lot of experimenting?

Team Smash: Most definitely! We LOVE experimenting. We already have over 50 crazy waffles combinations that we've written down. We'll be launching a 'Waffle of the Week' soon to test those and see how our customers respond. Our goal is to keep everyone guessing. What will we put in a waffle next?!?

HC: Which flavor is your personal favorite? Which has been the most popular?

Team Smash: Our favorite is the O.G. - it's the waffle that started it all! Our most popular is definitely The Quilted Pig [maple + bacon]. A few of those seem to make it into every order.  

HC: You advertise that all your waffles are made from scratch daily and use local ingredients, why is this important to you?

Team Smash: Making our product from scratch is the only thing that gives us complete control over its quality. That's important to us. Our goal is to make the best waffle ever tasted, which requires some originality. We can't do that without good ol' fashioned scratch cooking.

As far as locally sourced ingredients, we strongly believe in the local economy. We want to do our part to support it. Obviously not all our ingredients can be sourced locally. But, we try to keep things local as much as possible so our community can benefit.

HC: What are your social media tags and the best way to follow updates on Smash Waffles?

Team Smash: Currently our most active channels are Facebook and Instagram. You can follow us there @SmashWaffles. Our signature hashtag is #GetSmashed. You can also visit our website: to place an order, send us a review or just give us a virtual high five. We love hearing from our customers.

We are rooting for Smash Waffles, as they single handedly redefine hangover food. Whether you're the kind of student that is too lazy to get out of bed for food, or too stressed from exams and homework, waffles are the ultimate comfort food and it's nice to know that Smash Waffles is there for us, with syrup on the side.