Senior Sendoff: Tiffany Hopkins

Name: Tiffany Hopkins

Year: Senior

HC Position: Social Media Chair

Greek Affiliation: Phi Mu

Major: English

What are your plans for after graduation? Where do you hope to live?

After graduation I hope to live in New York City and pursue a career in Public Relations and Communications. Right now, I'm looking for an apartment and an internship and I want to attend grad school in NY. 

What is the graduation process for December Grads? What made you decide to graduate a semester early?

Coming to college, the plan has always been to graduate early or on time, so to do that I took summer school every summer I've been here and now I'm graduating early. The process is the same for December and May graduates, you apply for graduation, make sure you don't have any in completes and then, you RVSP for graduation. Graduating early also gives me 8 months before I start graduate school, which gives me a little time to breathe, considering i've been in school for 3 years straight. 

What do you hope to do for your future job?

I want to work in the Public Relations and Communications industry, maybe in the fashion or entertainment side of PR. In the future I plan to own a PR firm. 

What has ECU meant to you over the past few years?

ECU has brought me so many opportunities from studying abroad in Spain to being apart of a sorority. Once, I even got to visit NYC, basically for all expenses paid with the alumni association with 20 other ECU students. ECU and the professors here give SO much, and you never know who you can be blessed by and who is watching you. I've gotten amazing opportunities, and recommendations from professors just by being a good student and being kind. Every experience I've had, good or bad, has helped me become a better person. I'm excited to leave and start a new journey but I won't forget my time or the best friends I've made here (@beanznriceee)

What advice do you have for rising seniors?

My advice would be to take every opportunity you have at ECU, whether it is studying abroad or finding an internship in Texas. Do what you want to do and strive to be the person you truly want to be, it is never too late to do what your heart desires. Also, have fun, this semester I've been pigeon holed in my room trying to apply to jobs, find an apartment and study but don't let it consume you. Your senior year is the time of last tailgates and last first day of classes. You are here for a degree and that is important but don't get so caught up in that pursuit that you forget to take care of yourself.