Review: the Series Finale of Vampire Diaries

On March 10, one of my personal favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries, had its last ever finale. Before you freak out and close the article because you haven't seen it yet, this first part is totally non-spoilery. If you haven't seen this show, I HIGHLY recommend. All of the seasons are on Netflix, so stop what you're doing and go watch it. You won't regret it. 

WIthout giving any spoilers, let's talk about the finale. So I'm guessing you probablly either loved it, or you hated it. I for one loved it, and I'll explain why a little further down. I honestlly can't think of any better way to have ended this show. It was so beautiful and heartbreaking that I cried for 45 minutes straight, and I mean ugly cried. I am heartbroken to be saying goodbye to one of my favorite shows, but I am so grateful for the years that I had with it.





Okay, now let's talk about this a little more closely. If you were caught up then you probably had the same thought as I did going into the season finale: Bonnie was going to die, and that's why Elena was coming back. Boy were we wrong, am I right? Not only did Bonnie not die, my beloved Stefan did. Though, and hear me out, I'm going to say that this was the perfect ending for the brother I have come to love. If you think about it from a writing stand point, this was the perfect ending for each character.

Stefan, since the beginning of the show, has carried this immense guilt. He has guilt for making his brother turn, for being a ripper, and for any bad thing he has ever done. Him sacraficing himself to save Mystic Falls was the best ending for him. It was his redemption. Damon got the ending he had always hoped for. He not only got the love of his life, but he got to live a happy human life. Elena got to become a doctor and live and die with all of her friends. Caroline started off as a snobby mean girl, and finished as a empathetic mother who I see big things for in the future. Matt was a love struck jock, and turned into the sherriff of Mystic Falls. My favorite character arc, however, is that of Ms. Bonnie Benet. Bonnie started out as this shy, unsure little girl. She grew into this beautiful, intelligent woman, who is fearlessly independent. 

While I would have loved for all of my favorites to make it, I understand why they didn't. I am so thrilled that all of these characters got the beautiful ending they deserved. I am so sad to say goodbye to this incredible show, but I can't wait to see what these actors and writers will be involved in next!