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Praying For My Home Away From Home

My home away from home, in the little town of Greenville, North Carolina is officially under water.  You never think it’ll happen to you.  You see the weather and you think, “No, they’re going to be wrong just like they are the other 80% of the time.” That’s exactly what I thought to myself when I started to hear about Hurricane Matthew emerging.

It turns out the weathermen were wrong, but not in the way that we had hoped.  The hurricane that was going to run through Greenville and leave within one night, turned into something far worse than anyone could have ever imagined.  Houses are flooding, cars are underwater, trees have fallen onto campus buildings, and roads are blocked every which way.


My home away from home, in the little town of Greenville, North Carolina, was now in chaos. 

On Thursday afternoon, when I packed my bag for fall break, I had packed for a 4 -day trip home with 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 long sleeve shirts, and 2 sweatshirts.  Little did I know, this 4 day trip would soon turn into a week and a half stay all the way back in New Jersey.


Now I am 8 hours away, sitting at home, wondering whether or not my house is underwater.  I’m watching the weather, hearing the name of my street being announced in the flood zones over and over again.  This is my home, and I now have no control over whether or not it will be in good condition when I can return. 

I can’t wait to see Greenville restored back to its beautiful self in the upcoming weeks. Everyone say a little prayer for this wonderful town for the next few days; while it may just be a little town on the map for you, it’s home to me. 

New Jersey raised, North Carolina crazed Oh, and I like Chipotle
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